Back to School: Bike riders in Bamenda II Municipality recieve didatic materials, Mayor Chenwi walks the talk

The bike riders' sector within the Bamenda II Council municipality remains one of Mayor Chenwi's priority, proof of it was observed as a cross section of them recieved didatic materials for an effective back to school 2022/2023.

The president of these bike riders Ndi Mayenin appreciated the Mayor's efforts in assisting them prepare better for the academic year. After reiterating the message on education, he requested for the Mayor's assistance to ease some bottlenecks faced in their sector inline with transporting children to school.

"I am happy about what the mayor has done, he has shown proof that education is key. I wish to tell bike riders that to kill a nation is not by use of a nuclear weapon or atomic bomb, but by the collapse of education. We will not be able to get good doctors, engineers, accountants if we don't protect our children's education". 

"If truly the government value education, let them allow us fly the roads freely because most parents in Bamenda have entrusted their kids in the hands of bike riders, to help transport them to school. But with too many road checks and restrictions, movement is not swift", Bike riders' President Ndi Mayenin. 

The Bamenda II Council has been inclusive in actions, ensuring that not only the kids recieve help to facilitate a smooth return for the academic year 2022/2023, but also encouraging parents not to relent efforts despite the tough economic situation as the armed conflict persist. 

Mayor Chenwi  believes that assisting this sector, which he terms "a delicate sector", is also a stepping stone in promoting peaceful coexistence in society. He cautioned these bike riders to remain resilient and shun calls for school boycott, ghost towns. 

"You all have shown concern for an effective Back to School 2022/2023, continue to promote education because that is what is important and the Bamenda II Council will go all the way to ensure that the necessary actions taken to give you support", Mayor Chenwi Peter talking to bike riders at the Bamenda II Council premises. 

"The crisis has made alot of things difficult especially for displaced famillies. The council has the responsibility to assist parents who don't have the means to sustain a living; buy books, pay fees and ensure that children go to school", Mayor Chenwi Peter, Mayor Bamenda II Council. 

It is in responding to the needs of those who come to her premises- the Bamenda II Council, adds up to peacebuilding efforts.

"In the Northwest region, in the Bamenda II municipality the bike riders' sector is a delicate sector. We need to use them to bring peace and order in the municipality. I recieved appeal letters from most of them complaining about the challenges faced with checks from security officers. Reason why the Bamenda II Council put in place this minimum package to help them prepare their kids for school", Mayor chenwi Peter.

Targetting over 30 different bike riders' park within the Bamenda II municipality, the minimum package put forth by the Bamenda II Council to have these different groups have didactic materials cost to the tune of 4 million cfa francs, with extra 2 million cfa francs to assist them pay fees or purchase other needs for their kids. 

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