Mbah Acha Rose appreciates pupils, students, teachers - gifts Academic Excellence Award

More than 30 laureates have been appreciated by the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Supreme State Audit, Mbah Acha Rose née Fomundam, for their excellent performance in the different exams; First School Leaving certificate, GCE exams; Technical, Commercial and Grammar at both levels(O/L and A/L).

The minister felt that she should contribute in rewarding excellence by offering them gifts, not just focusing on Momo division where she comes from but extending her largesse across the region. She appreciated the strides of these pupils and students, asking other kids to emulate the example, a gesture that paves the way for excellence

"First of all, wee have to make it known that Momo Division came first in the common entrance exams, first school leaving certificate, GCE Ordinary and GCE Advanced level exams. So i came to recognize these excellent performance of our students. This is not only for Momo but for the region because I am not just an elite of Momo but an elite of the whole region".

"It is not been easy for children to go to school but when they go to school and perform exceptionally well, we should give them a pat on their backs so that they are encouraged. I cane to encourage the student, parents and the teachers, that education is good".

She further encourage that those still in the bushes carrying arms against the State, should drop weapons and accept a the hand of peace the Head of State, President Paul Biya is extending and also embrace education. 

Minister Mbah Acha Rose did not just focus on academians but hailed the efforts of teachers, divisional delegates, the Regional Delegate for the sacrifice they put in to ensure that the children report to school despite the challenging context, and made it in their exams.

Tochi Ntwi Richard is the divisional delegate for basic education in Momo division. He was appreciated for the work done for the Academic year 2021/2022. He and his peers recieved token in appreciation for the work done so far, contributing to the success of these pupils, students. 

The minister offered didatic materials to continue aiding these pupils and students in school, preparing them for the academic year 2022/2023. Ahe offered them; bags, books, writing materials, some financial support and for students who passes best in the advanced level exams, she gifted gas plates to them. 

Note be taken that according to statistics given by the Regional delegate of secondary education Northwest region, Ngwang Roland, the Northwest came did well at the overall results at national ranking; in the Advance and Ordinary levels GCE exams; Advance level technical 2nd position, Advanced level general 1st position according to nation ranking.

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