Entertainment: 19 year old Grace Wendoh, Miss Northwest 2023 promises to work with youths of all sectors

Miss Nya-Nyo Wendoh Grace is a 19 year lady, Miss North West 2023 has granted a press conference and made firm revelations on her collaboration with youths in the region while promoting education. 

The Miss' slogan " Let's Breathe Hope to a Brighter Future" and a thesis; Ensuring Employment with Education Amongst Cameroonian Youths, potrays her interest to see youths get educated and be self employed.

The targeted population for this project are the youths, the community given the socio political crises. She opts to mobilize youths and teach them entrepreneurship; making pastries, stitching, pie making, production of natural juice, all for free.

Being one of the top six in the nation, she intends to welcome projects from youths and assist them in executing them. The project is not short term but a long term project to be continued even after the final competition come November.

Managing pressure from fans, competitors, the miss and her manager Donfack Berlus say "when you are the best, you have to focus on your best. The project's funding comes from every individual being, press, community, the team".

Monetary vote will help enhance funding, funding is fully taken care of by her and her family. The Miss wishes to impact alternative education to areas which are not accessible and will be in need of funds. The organization managing the projects of Miss is Comica.

Miss Grace expressed her challenges in the field of modeling; disunity; no collaboration amongst contestants. She explained that despite the fact that invitations were sent out to other models, they did not honour ghe invitation, to give moral and physical support to her course.

Miss Grace and team have taken upon themselves to do vocational training, to sensitize youths and train them on pastries; a sector where youths are more likely to excel in, including arts and crafts.

She is a student nurse, passionate about making her voice heard through interaction with people. Reason why she decided to speak with to the press, encouraging youths to be open in taking up opportunities and take education seriously as the key to success.

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