Training and Development: Reach Out NGO Cameroon strengthens diverse Women-led Peace building networks

As a milestone towards achieving peace, Omam Esther of Reach Out Cameroon, continues to walk the talk with her team, this time supported by International Civil society action network brought over 40 women peace builders on board to form an alliance and synergize to consolidate efforts and improve participation in the MND. 

This took place early September 2022 in Yaounde, as part of activities for the project; Action for the effective leadership and representation of women peacebuilders  in the implementation and monitoring mechanism of the Cameroon Major National Dialogue.

Six(6) major women peace building networks have been selected by Reach Out Cameroon, looking back at the last National Women's Convention for Peace platform for the implementation of the above project. 

There is a proliferation of peace networks in Cameroon in recent times and Reach Out Cameroon believes that if these networks come together the impact will be felt. This strategy is expected to be solutions oriented, as these women can be made part of the dialogue process.

In line with Omam Esther's efforts in Peacebuilding, an e-book has been launched; She Stands for Peace’ e-book where she featured.

"She Stands for Peace e-book: This e-book was published by the United Nations Office to the African Union (UNOAU) with support from the United Nations Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs (DPPA). The publication of this e-book is a continuation of UNOAU’s effort in amplifying the voices of women and women’s networks who are making outstanding contributions to the promotion of peace and security in Africa". 

"The e-book contains stories and lived experiences of women peace champions (20 women and 3 women networks) in Africa — told by the women themselves. We believe the stories featured in the e-book will stir more positive actions to support African women’s peacebuilding efforts and inspire many women and young women to engage, contribute to the promotion of peace and security in Africa and around the globe". Omam Esther, CEO Reach Out NGO Cameroon. 

Women are seen as pacifiers, their technical advise and recommendations were needed to improve these alliances amongst worms peacebuilders.

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