Administration: Reconciling the misconception-"The PIC has come to Police Councils"

The office of the public independent conciliator held a serminar on the rights/duties and ethical compliance in council functioning, for the 2nd time in 10 months since the PIC. This, to ensure that councils across the region are doing what is expected of them irrespective of where their offices are or where they function.

This workshop held from 27th to 28th october 2022 in Bamenda at the Public Independent Conciliator's edifice, in the prescence of NW administration, Mayors and members of the Regional Assembly.

Besides the theme that guided the serminar, it was the occassion for people to understasnd what the PIC stands for and what its mandate intended to achieve.

According to the PIC in his opening statement, the mandates of the PIC as prescribed according the Cameroon Law No 2019/024 of December 2019, relating to the General code on Regional and Local council authourities, the Decree of 2020/773 of 24th December 2020 lay conditions for the discharge of the PIC's duties are prescribed in two mandates: functional and substantive.

Tamfu Simon mentioned that the PIC and its missions are not familliar to the socio-political enviroment, but it was important to rekindle cooperation ties between her and all councils across the region thereby reconciling the misconception that ''the PIC has come to police councils''.

"During the two days we have discussed rights, freedoms, duties , non discrimination and inclusiveness, participation and ethical compliance in council function. We have all learnt from one another and one is clear that we would not disperse from here the way we came. We are returning to our offices more informed than we were before this workshop and that is empowerment", Tamfu Simon, PIC.

Tilarius Atia is of the communication unit at the PIC, he believes that communication will not be effective if the content or goal of the workshop is not well understood. He decided to speak on the clarity of the workshop in few words. 

"There's a tendency that " absolute power corrupts absolutely". The fear is that when more powers are given to mayors and councils, it may be abused, so the Public Independent Conciliator's office has been created to be like a referee in the development match between councils and population. The PIC held this training seminar to ensure that councils abide by the law. It is only when the law is applied to the later that the population can benefit from the resources that have been devolved and decentralised to councils", Tilarious Atia, Communication Unit PIC.

Mayor of Nkor, Nchanji Germanus Ndi was ok with the emphasis on understanding what the PIC stands for, he believes that for the workshop to have focused on this gives more clarity on what is expected to do.

"The seminar was very enriching, topics treated were of great importance. The council and the community work in collaboration, i am going to talk with my people and educate them on what I have gathered here. The council is not a one man show, the council is for the community and I am there as a mayor to coordinate the activities of the community and to work hand in gloves with them".

"Before looking for a project I should first of all sit with them and Identify a project that benefits the community of is of their interest, as they would participate in the project. Secondly, it is important for the people to have access to the councils services", Mayor of Nkor.

In order to mitigate conflict, it is also important for a body to be conflict free, the PIC is making sure that there are no "broken bottles" in the house, that is why it's office is calling for the need that everyone understands it's role in interceding where need be in affairs within the Northwest region. 

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