Senatorial Elections 2023: Senatorial Campaigns are on, the decision of voters remain Ultimate

The President of the Regional Campaign Commission to the Northwest region, Philemon YANG visited the Northwest region to launch Senatorial campaigns for 2023 and has urged divisional campaign teams, CPDM Mayor's to be on guard.

Councilors, Senatorial Candidates have less than 2 weeks to do campaign before going to the polls on March 12th, where their fate will be decided.

The Section President for Mezam 1B, Anye Cletus Matoyah clearly stated on Campaign launch day that ".. there is no complacence when elections are concerned. We must ensure that we show our might through the ballot box come March 12th 2023".

The 7 Candidates on the CPDM list being products of the party led by Emma LAFON from Bui, giving gender a pride of place. According to Prime Minister Emeritus, "the process of selection was completed few weeks ago, militants of the CPDM, to represent the party in the upper house of Parliament".

7 substantive and alternative candidates who are expected to go through the election excercise in a peaceful manner, though admist a period when gunshots are still heard within and at the outskirts of Bamenda.

"... As of now we continue to beg for Peace... We are the ones to deterrmine where the region should go. The decision lies in the hands of electors. As for our candidates, we created them, made the municipal councilors, members of the Regional assembly...All choices have consequences, opt for the choice that serves reality and prepare the people for what is to come", Prime Minister Emeritus, Philemon YANG.

"Without the CPDM, you'll not have the tittles you have." By this the Regional Campaign chair, Prime Minister Emeritus, Philemon Yang has called on Municipal and Regional Councilors to vote the CPDM list.

Out of the 34 councils in the Northwest region, CPDM controls 33 and the big question remains,
should the the SDF leader, who is Vice President of the Senate, Vanigansen MoChiggle go to the polls with a good number of votes on their side and change the story.


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