Senatorial Elections Campaign 2023: Former Senator Kinyang George attacks CPDM MP Estela Ngah Shala

It is alledged that the former Senator, lawyer Kinyang George after a crushing defeat in the last senatorial elections, is attacking CPDM MP Estela Ngah Shala.

According to our sources, the former SDF senator Kinyang George claims to have used at least 11million CFA francs for his electoral campaign in Bui division, during the last senatorial elections, a comstituency where SDF is known to have no municipal or regional councilor.

This sum according to our sources was meant to buy municipal and regional councilors called upon to elect future senators. To ensure that these voters vote for the SDF list Kinyang George according to the CPDM MP, gave money to some CPDM militants and elites so that in return, they campaign for the SDF list to be voted on.

The lawyer expected that SDF wins in his native Bui but rather the CPDM obtained 150 votes against one vote for the SDF. This makes the later unsatisfied and demands to recover the money spent, as buying the votes in favour of SDF was all in vain.

Kinyang George accuses CPDM MP Estela Ngah Shala of having refused to reimburse the money he gave meant to campaign votes from CPDM to the SDF.

According to the CPDM MP, the former parliamentarian, Kinyang George said "you will never be free until you pay me, I will show you that I am a lawyer", (he wrote to the MP).

In the locality of Bui, the populations describe the former senator as a bad looser. Some Elites of the CPDM who's identities are being concealed by CPDM MP, asked Kinyang George to reimburse the money he recieved promising to leave SDF for CPDM n never did.

Estela Ngah Shala, CPDM MP of Bui has washed her hands off the claims of Kinyang George and has maintained her position as one who remains outgoing in every activity concerning her constituency.

She has braved the odds to be in the field to look into the worries of the local masses. MP Estela has helped several displaced young people by encouraging different ways to begin small businesses, offering basic necessities to those in need in that community.


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