Incumbent SDF Chairman dies at 81, Elective Convention to hold with vacuum

The National Chairman for the SDF party Ni John Fru NDI dies few weeks to an elective convention of the party that was slated to hold in Yaounde on July 28/29 2023.

A convention which had to witness the election of a new National Chairman. The date was announced on June 6 2023 in a NEC meeting presided by the first vice president Hon Joshua Osih in Yaounde.

The atmosphere is thesame, in Bamenda at his Ntarinkon neighborhood like in Yaoundé at his residence where mourners are visiting his familly to condole with words of Sympathy and comfort registered in a condolence book.


Doors are closed! To demonstrate that Chairman is no more. Some militants of the SDF party as well as other groups of persons from different spheres of the society are each recounting stories of how they remember National Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi.

Some of them whom he mentored told Civiclens that they don't have they appropriate words to describe what a great leader he was.

"It is a very big loss to the whole country but it touches me a lot. I am happy that when I got the information last Sunday about his Ill health, I immediately came to Yaoundé. I saw Pa and talk with Pa, he opened his eyes and nodded. When he died, I was fortunate to be amongst the delegation who put him at the mortuary", Senator Buh Sule Tegha

"He has taught me a lot of things, he is my mentor. He was a very big politician with many qualities, today I am a big farmer thanks to him. I am in the Senate thanks to him, I will not disappoint him because I will implement all that he has taught me", Senator Buh Sule Tegha speaking to Civiclens in Yaoundé at the SDF National Chairman's residence

Mentees to Ni John Fru Ndi, National Chairman Social Democratic Front expressed their thoughts about the deceased and how the recieved news of his death. Njong Donatus is a development drive Pedagogist, he said it will take a whole month to write or talk about the National Chairman of the SDF who is been appreciated in different capacities.

"Talk about pa means you will need to speak or write a who encyclopedia. Talk about Fru Ndi the politician, one who struggled for democracy. Fru Ndi the father with children all over the world not just biological, there is a lot to say. Fru Ndi the teacher, he has taught alot of people from a cross section of the society. Fru Ndi the farmer, he will force people arround him to develop love to plant crops, to go to the farm. This is prove when you look around his compound. Fru Ndi the Christian, every morning you visit pa, you will be forced to master some verses in the Bible. He will read the Bible and master it, support the construction of churches. Fru Ndi the social welfare person and alot more. One's mouth is full with so much to say, I still lack the words to describe his departure" Donatus Njong speaking to Civiclens in Yaoundé.

Vice President of the main opposition party in Cameroon, the Social Democratic Front Joshua Osih speaking to Civiclens at the residence of National Chairman for the SDF in Yaounde.

"...He got the best medical attention you can think of, he was 82years of age and the medical response is different from that of a younger person. On Monday June 12 2023 at 11:30 pm he passed onto eternity and we had to accept it. We are waiting for the familly to communicate the program", Joshua Osih, National Vice President SDF speaking in Yaounde.


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