MINJEC visiting Germany to strengthen links between Cameroon youth of the European diaspora and government

The Minister of Youth and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou, has on July 3rd 2023 for the 2nd time carried out an exchange mission with the young people of the Cameroonian Diaspora in Europe.

The objective is to present the new opportunities and initiatives offered by the Government of the Republic in favor of this segment of the kĩ population.

The delegation led by the Minister of Youth and Civic Education (Minjec), Mounouna Foutsou; Samboga Siteck Guillaume, representative of the Presidency of the Republic; His Majesty Abdoul-Karim Nassourou, Director of Youth Economic Promotion at Minjec; Ngwedji Doris from the Ministry of External Relations; Epoko Epoko Anselme, National Coordinator of the Assistance Program for the Return and Integration of Young People from the Diaspora (Parijedi); Badang Stève, Head of the Diaspora and Local Youth Joint-venture Sub-Program.

The mission was about reviewing the recommendations of the major Heilbronn meeting held in June 2022 and of monitoring the young beneficiaries of work-study training in German companies, the result of the partnership between the OngMy Africa eV and the Minjec.

MINJEC will proceed to the delivery of funding checks to 28 joint venture projects of young beneficiaries of the first call for projects of the Dialyj initiative. There will be a dialogue platform between MINJEC and the leaders of associations, youth movements in Germany in order to promote cooperation and the exchange of experiences in the field of youth.

While their stay on German soil, alot of activities have been planned: meetings with certain political and diplomatic authorities; meetings with young leaders of German associations at the Embassy of Cameroon in Germany.

His Majesty Abdoul Karim Nassourou, Director of Youth Economic Promotion at Minjec, representing Minister Mounouna Foutsou, went with the Cameroonian delegation to the town hall of Charlottenbourg, received by Schruoffeneger, Borough Councilor of Charlottenburg on July 4th 2023.

Schruoffeneger made a presentation of one of the 12 municipalities that make up the city of Berlin. After presenting the different potential areas of collaboration, he insisted on the decentralized cooperation model developed with Burkina Faso and Namibia.

A Model that he would like to duplicate and share within the framework of a possible collaboration with the Minjec.

Three main axes led the exchanges between the two personalities, in particular the professional training of young people and volunteering, the protection of the environment and culture. A chronogram of activities was drawn up after exchanges.

This timeline is structured as follows: in November 2023: first mission to Cameroon by some town hall officials to identify the host locality; in March 2024, the identification of young Cameroonians and Germans who will make experience exchange trips to the Federal Republic of Germany and Cameroon; in December 2024: the arrival in Cameroon of the first batch of young Germans.

This visit to Germany aims at strengthening the links between the Cameroonian youth of the European diaspora and the government; developing training programs for young Cameroonian leaders to build their capacity in decision-making, project management and representation.

And again to establish long-term partnerships between the Minjec and the German Federal Youth Association, defining common objectives and concrete actions in the field of sustainable development and environmental protection.

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