NW Fons "pour libation" ending killings in the Northwest region

Following the communique issued by the President of the NW House of Chiefs, Fon Yakum Kevin II, Fon of Bambalang, there was a march demonstration in solidarity with families that lost their love ones in the Nancho massacre of July 15 2023.

The President for the NW House of Chiefs together with other leaders who took the stands to address the population, condemned in strong words the killing of their children, brothers and sisters who's lives were sniffed out by bullets at Nancho junction. The Fon's have asked government to get hold of perpetrators of the act.

"One thing you must know is that, Fons could not come out to the streets and march. The communique just expressed the anger with which Fons recieved news of the killings of their children. We came here to represent all our colleagues. The lone message we have is that of Peace and calling for an end to these killings within the region, this should be the last killings that we will experience in this region. We are calling on the government to call perpetrators of this act to book", Fon of Bambalang, President House of Chiefs, Fon Yakum Kevin II  

Speaking at the grandstand in Bamenda, Northwest region of Cameroon on Thursday July 20 2023, after a march that saw the outing of some Fons; Fon Yakum Kelvin of Bambalang, Fon of Nkwen, Fon Azehfor III and The Fon of Aghem, secretary of the House of Chiefs. 

The Fons who answered present representing their colleagues, were accompanied by some figure heads; Anye Matoya Cletus, MIDENO's GM and the city mayor, Achobong Tambeng Paul, Bamenda II Mayor, Chenwi Peter and other deputy Mayors, Councilors. 

All of them in their own words asked that the people look out for one another and shun clandestine behaviours; identifying persons causing chaos in communities, collaborate with state forces thereby bringing culprits to book. 

"10-15 persons loose their lives in Bamenda City, is a deplorable situation . We are using the opportunity to tell our children who are still in the bushes that enough is enough. They cannot be killing thesame people that they claim they are fighting for. We condemn in strong terms this barbaric act and we pray that these killings will end and that this children carrying guns will go back to their normal lives", Anye Cletus Matoya, development stakeholder - MIDENO.

City Mayor places wreaths at scene 

Mourners proceeded from the grandstand Bamenda to Nancho Junction where these persons were killed on July 15 2023.


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