MINJEC in South Korea: Youth Affairs Minister, International Youth Fellowship sign MoU

The Minister of Youth and Civic Education (Minjec) received this morning of Saturday July 23, 2023 by the founder of International Youth Fellowship (IYF), Dr Ock Soo Park.

MINJEC boss heads a Cameroonian delegation to Seoul for a mutual agreement between IYF, the NGO and its ministerial department through a convention which binds the two parties.

Dr Ock Soo Park, Founder of IYF was delighted by the Minister's presence who was visiting South Korea for the 2nd time.

The session took into consideration;
- the training of government personnel (40 to 50) in South Korea for a period of 2 weeks.
- training by trainers from Korea to be done on Cameroon.
- vocational training for young people;
-learning the Korean language;
- the organization of a youth camp each year in Cameroon.

At the end of the exchanges, the founder of IYF adhered to all the points on the agenda and promised to arrive in Cameroon during the 2024 youth eleven.

At the end of the meeting, a series of gift exchanges followed. Products made in Cameroon were offered by MINJEC, which in return received local products from South Korea.

The Minjec is making good use of his time here in Korea. By visiting a. Modern traditional clinic.

This is the Sandglass oriental medicine clinic, held by the vice president of IYF. Thanks to its special care, those responsible are carrying out special care campaigns in several countries, including those of Central Africa.

MINJEC took advantage of the founder's visit to the country to invite a team to treat certain rare and / or serious diseases.

As part of MINJEC's visit to South Korea, the Cameroonian delegation took part in the "business leaders forum", with the participation of foreign ministers and VIPs.

MINJEC focused on the presentation of Cameroon as a land of opportunities for investors thanks to its multiple riches.

The member of the government mentioned in particular the activities carried out with IYF, particularly the development of the National Civic Education Program through Civic and Entrepreneurial Moral Rearmament.

"It is a question of businessmen doing coaching and maintoring for young Cameroonian entrepreneurs... strongly that Korean businessmen inspire our young people in order to accomplish the miracle so much dreamed of", MINJEC boss.

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