SDF Militants mobilize to give party chairman heroic burial

A press conference held at the SDF Party chairman's Ntarinkon residence in Bamenda Northwest region of Cameroon, revealing to press men and women how ready, prepared party militants are to lay Chairman Ni John Fru to rest.

Holding on Thursday July 20 2023, the chairman of the local organizing committee has pleaded with SDF militants across the region to do the needful to ensure that last respects are paid to their National Chairman in the best of ways. 

Speaking in Bamenda, Langsi Abel - chair of the local organizing committee took into consideration the context, he asked that militants can still make a visible move in their different districts to show solidarity in paying last respects to their party chairman Ni John Fru Ndi. 

"Preparations are going on at the national level and also at the regional level.....There are other committees at the level of the various districts, meetings are also ongoing to ensure that the party chairman is given a befiting burial. If some people can't make it to Bamenda or Baba, it is important to have something visible in the districts, celebrating the life of the SDF National Chairman".

"The Chairman has given so much to this country and all we should do is to bury him honorably . We are calling on the population to do everything in their own way to give the National Chairman a heroic burial as he deserves", Local organizing committee chair, Langsi Abel.

Mayor Fonguh Cletus, Mayor Bamenda III Council explained that Friday July 28 2023 is exclusive for party militants.

"All party militants are expected to come out and celebrate the life of their party chairman putting on the fabric of the national Chairman. This including all those heading to Baba for the burial", Mayor Fonguh Cletus.

Information from the press conference has it that the convoy carrying the mortal remains of the SDF National Chairman will leave Yaounde and few stops on the way: at Makenene, Bafousam and Mbouda. The corps is expected to arrive Bamenda on Friday July 28 2023 at about 3pm at the grandstand in Bamenda. 

Security matters was another prime concern, with reports that have it that the SDF Chairman 's residence in Baba was set ablaze by seperatist fighters to scare off mourners. Fusi Wilfred says there is no room for fear as all is been well taken care of to ensure the safety of everyone who will be taking part in the burial of the SDF National Chairman.

"Security issues are not disclosed but be rest assured that your security will be guaranteed; before, during and after the occasion. We are doing everything so that all works out the way we want it to work. To ensure no one should be embarrassed or harassed and that all should move on smoothly" Fusi Wilfred.

The funeral program remains unchanged and it is expected that the Northwest population will come out to see the Political Icon laid to his final resting place

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