Technology innovation: Over 500 ICT University students receive their Scrolls

Forging artificial intelligence, opening up to the whole world and providing practical solutions to daily problems, thus will be the missions of the 7th promotion of the ICT University, the recipients of which were honored on July 29, 2023 in Yaoundé.

Nearly 3 years of training later, the students of the prestigious university of information and communication technologies are now equipped to face professional life. A special ceremony with regard to the audience of personalities present, the event laid the foundations for a new vision of the digital industry, an area which occupies a prominent place at a time when the globe is becoming exponentially digitized.

Placed under the theme, "The place of the University of ICT in the ethical construction of the Nation" and supervised by Victor W Mbarika, the Founder of the ICT University, Charles Ndongo, Director General of Crtv and Éric Chinje, Director General Deputy received a prize called Life Time Achievement Award, a recognition to celebrate all of their careers, their names resonate in the firmament when talking about the icons of communication in Cameroon.

If the Vice-chancellor, Pr Emmanuel Pondi insisted on stressing the importance of celebrating the stars of the time of their life, Charles Ndongo took advantage of this platform to pay tribute to the deceased collaborators while serving the happy elected their role in the construction of a numerically strong Cameroon and accessible to the whole world like a global village.

Mentioning André Bourges, the Director General of Cameroon radio and television did not fail to remind students at the end of their training of the notion of perseverance, a notion dear to him in view of the forty years spent under the strata of the field. .

True to his usual outspokenness, Éric Chinje did not fail to prepare the winners of this 7th vintage to be the technological leaders of tomorrow because the digital industry is currently an important lever for economic development for countries.

As a reminder, ICT University is based on a purely American educational program that provides quality ICT tools and develops managerial human capacities specially designed for Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia.

Created in 2010, this university institution is a reference in terms of research, innovation and training of researchers useful for developing countries.

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