Youth affairs Minister caution young people on civic values, boost their morals

The Minister of Youth and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou officially closed holiday activities in Bangante in the Ndé, the 8th edition that witness the finals; championship of Festi-Foot sport Paul Biya, organized by the Wakeco Open Table Foundation, chaired by Minister Célestine Ketcha Courtès.

An opportunity for Minister Mounouna Foutsou to intensify awareness of the moral rearmament project among the youth of the department of Ndé.

The fight against the spread of hate speech and the promotion of young entrepreneurship were also at the center of the message conveyed by Minister Mounouna Foutsou.

The minister played a role to strengthen this citizen mobilization and awareness kits were given to officials of the four districts of the Ndé department, which are Bassamba, Bazou, Tonga and Bangangté.

The main mission of the activity was to promote initiatives aimed at supporting and supervising vulnerable and disadvantaged children in society, the Open Table WAKECO Foundation has once again offered more than 1,000 holiday internships to several young pupils and students from the Ndé department.

Scholarships offered in cash, bags and class supplies were distributed to these holiday trainees. This was at the same time, a minimum package consisting of was given to the heads of all the schools in the department of Nkam.

According to the activity report presented by the coordinator of the WAKECO Open Table Foundation, an envelope of more than 120 million FCFA has been mobilized for this purpose.

With regard to the citizen and patriotic operation, the Minister Mounouna Foutsou specified that: “It is a delicate and exhilarating mission in which you must not fail, you the youth of the department of Ndé. It is a pressing call for both individual and collective awareness”.

Minister Célestine Ketcha Courtès encouraged young beneficiaries.
"To you, my children, I call on you to be inspired by republican values ​​such as personal discipline, civic-mindedness and patriotism".

Communication unit: MINJEC 

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