NWR: CNYC Presents 2023 Annual Report, Adopts 8.40 Million as budget for 2024

... Detailed by Pechuqui Laurata

The Cameroon National Youth Council North West Regional Bureau have on Tuesday 27th December 2023, in the Regions Regional Assembly Auditorium in Bamenda  presented highlights of the activities carried out in 2023. This was in a session to adopt it's budget for 2024 which totalled 840 million CFA and assessed it’s activities carried in 2023.

The budget of 840 million CFA francs was approved by CNYC North West Bureau members, divisional presidents, and junior lawmakers, among others.

The CNYC North West Bureau, in partnership with its divisional presidents, intervened in the educational sector by awarding 80 scholarships to students, particularly those enrolled in universities. 

They also carried out mentorship programmes, sensitization campaigns on gender-based violence, and menstrual hygiene management, among many other things, according to the annual report of activities presented to the Governor of the North West regions representative, who opened the session, CNYC National president, President of NWR Assembly, members of Civil societies amongst others.

While noting that young people have great talents that should be fostered, CNYC national President Fadimatou Iyawa Ousmanou emphasised that the session was also an opportunity for her to discuss the way forward with the North West Bureau and to preach peace. 

'It is an innovation for the Cameroon National Youth Council to have such a session in the North West Region. You know young people are characterise with their dynamism their spirit of innovation, their creativity and they have potential talents that we should promote". 

"I came here as the President to be an observer but also a counsellor because CNYC is a structure which is regulated through our rules and regulations but also our status so it is very important for me to listen to the Proposals of the budget of the NW Bureau, be able to advise them on the realistic pathway that we should be taking for the budget of the region to be able to have a way forward but also I came here as National president to keep preaching the message" CNYC national President Fadimatou Iyawa Ousmanou intimated.

Eighty percent of the budget approved for 2024 would be devoted to youth empowerment, while 20% will be utilised to educate youngsters on civic obligations across the region's seven divisions says Rev. Mekom Samuel, President of the Cameroon National Youth Council North West Regional.

"The budget that we have come out with is a projection and we believe that when you listen to it keenly you will notice that all the budgetary heads had a nomenclature .we had already spelled out how by the time we realize this budget we are going to spend it for the interest of the youth in the North West region. About 80% of that budget goes directly to empower and establish young persons of the North West region".

"20% of the budget goes to educating the youth on the love for country and their civic responsibilities" Cameroon National Youth Council North West Regional Rev. Mekom Samuel.

While the CYNC North West activities carried out in 2023 and those planned for 2024 received compliments, the Bureau was also advised to enhance communication and incorporate health into their future events.  Cameroon's National Youth Council was established in 2009 by President Paul Biya. 

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