BIHAPH Empowers Women and Children In Menchum Division.

 Young girls and Women have gathered in Wum,Menchum Division to benefit from the teachings and services of Bihndulem Humanitarian Foundation for Peace and Hope(BIHAPH) on September 24th 2019.

BIHAPH's objective is empowering Young girls and women,promoting sustainable Development,by providing them with a source of Livelihood. It has trained Young Girls and Women,in Hair Dressing,Tailoring,in modern faming, Enterpreneurship and Is currently opening its doors to over 50 young girls to get training in ICT.
Another focus of BIHAPH is alleviating poverty,educating Young girls about the dangers involved in a crisis hit zone given the context of the workshop and giving reasons why women must be major mediators as a role to earn peace.
Mrs Dighambong Bibiana,CEO,Bihndulem Humanitarian Association for Peace and Hope(BIHAPH)
  Educative talks to these women and girls within the division,made them to understand the role mothers have to play in Upbringing,that will have great impact in a child's choices in life.According to some facilitators in the workshop, Women can bring out those in the Bushes.
Breakdown of Rule of law,as one of the impacts of conflict on Young Girls and Women,which makes them vulnerable and victims given the context,Women were told to cooperate amongst themselves, be steadfast and prayerful in times of trial and temptation.
Madam Dighambong Bibiana,CEO of BIHAPH tells Melany Ndefru Diary about the interest of the Association."This association helps at Conflict Prevention,Humanitarian assistance and Peace building,especially in Conflict areas like Wum which is one of our areas of interest and assisting those within the community,especially women and girls who are mostly affected in crisis. "Madam Dighambong said.
"Women can mediate for Peace, if they build their capacities, considering that women are created to nurture society.Women a g girls need to be trained in Capacity building so that they may have skills to build their families and integrate them in society. That is what this organization is all about." The CEO added.
volunteers of BIHAPH and Women of the local Community in Group Picture
    Some participants were not very confident of what to Benefit from BIHAPH until they saw others being  empowered by the organisation and answered present to be recipients of knowledge.
Bindum Modesta,24years expresses satisfaction from the knowledge she benefits from BIHAPH." I have never known that this is how friends of mine acquire knowledge whenever they come to BIHAPH.I am happy about the lectures given to Young girls of my age and I have decided to be part of those who will benefit from ICT training.It will be helpful and I will not be idle anymore".she said.

Nnam Solange 23,years,uppersixth student is anxious to be part of BIHAPH through its trainings.'"I am confident that it will build my career and it will go a long way to open doors for me wherever I go.I am happy BIHAPH is helping women and children,this also will fix some of the effects of Crisis in some families."Solange said.
volunteers of BIHAPH and Women of the local Community in Group Picture
 Other women who were ignorant of the works of BIHAPH,understood much through the teachings of the facilitators during the workshop and felt anxious to be part of the organization,building theirs skills and contribute to Development of their Community.
Ndefru Melanie.

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