ARTS and CULTURE Celebrated as an INSTRUMENT of Peace and Unity.

Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique visiting a stand
Hundreds of persons in Bamenda have joined their counterparts across the nation, to celebrate the 4th Edition of National Artistic and Cultural Relaunch in the NorthWest Region on October 8th 2019, promoting arts and culture within the Municipality.

This year's activity has objectives that are in line with the theme of this 4th Edition ,which is "The Contribution of Arts and Culture Sector,for the consolidation of Peace and Harmonious living Together for an Emergence Cameroon".

The Cultural event takes place during a period when technology has reduced the world to a global village and Youths have accessed the Internet on their phones and other gadgets, giving no space for cultural rights to be exhibited. Reason why, all efforts are on deck to jealously preserve tradition,artistic and cultural originalities which are being gradually replaced with incantations.
 RECAN 2019,holding in Bamenda with Coordination for the Regional Delegate of Arts and Culture,Mr Anyere Charles is an event that showcases culture in its Diversity. The Cultural Revival,uplifts the dignity of the people thereby making them promoters of their history and makes them, makers of their own destiny.
 Arts as an echo of reality, gives human essence and identity, and the Representative of Artists in Bamenda feels that this cannot be attained without the solemnity of different institutions concerned with arts and culture.

The participation of the population within the city of Bamenda and those in the world of arts and culture, shows the commitment involved beside the challenges and realities of the present situation faced, within the ongoing Anglophone Crisis.

The Representative of Artist, Mr Patrick Tata in the NorthWest talks about the event being a unifying factor, given the context of the Crisis situation.

"The fundamental role of Arts and Culture as a tool for Cementing and consolidating national Unity and Progress,has always been of great concern to the Government,reason why the mobilization of persons at the cultural event shows the level of awareness in Arts and Culture".He said.
He urged Stakeholders to promote the artistic and cultural jamboree, to preserve aspects of tradition.

" Counting on the collaboration of the Bamenda City Council and the enthusiasm,interest and hope of participants, which will constitute a catalyst that will make arts and culture and emblem of Peace, Unity, Security and Progress in Bamenda and the Northweat Region at at large."Mr Patrick Tata.
The challenges outlined, by Mr Patrick Tata,mentions, inappropriate infrastructure for entertainment and Display of art makes the promoting of Arts and Culture Challenging.

The Governor of the NorthWest Region, Adolphe Lele L'Afrique, felt satisfied at the massive turn out of those who answered present at the cultural event and thanked the Steering team for planning and organization that registers a success.
The Governor visiting a stand
I want to make the men and women in Art works for the work that they do so far, to ease living together in Communities, Region and in the Nation. Promising them that culture will not be neglected in the process of the Country emerging in 2035. I call on Private investors to invest in the cultural domain to harness, cultural potential and use it as a tool to Develop the country." The Governor said.
"Being the Person Who led the Northwest Delegation to the Dialogue table, and though not all the expectations of many were met,coupled with the Present Context,the population mobilized themselves to answer Present and be very active in activities, which is a message to the Head of State that NorthWest despite their challenges is sacrificing to partake in Nation Building." He added.
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