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The Head of State, President Paul Biya through a Presidential degree, set aside November 9th as National Day of Mourning, in honor for the lives lost at the landsllide disaster in Gouache, Bafoussam, as  Prime Minister Head of Government leads other Ministers and Delegations to give condolences to Families grieving over their loss through the incident.
                    A Cross section of the deceased, victims of the landslide in Gouache, Bafoussam

The Landslide Dissaster in Ngouache, an event that stroke the hearts of many across the Nation as lifeless bodies of humans are dug out of the ground, claiming the lives of over 50 persons, men, women and children on the night of October 29th 2019, at about 10pm, has left many families to grief over the shocking incident aside their loss of property.

                  Prime Minister Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute pays hommage to the Deceased

                                             The PM condoles with Bereaved Families

Survivors of the incident recount the sad event and give thanks to God to have lived to tell the story, thanking the Government for timely interventions but request for more assistance, though material compensation cannot be exchanged for the lives lost.

A college of Priest and Pastors, Imam and other leaders of different religions, were invited to pray for the Departed souls and the families grieving. Scriptures on the Day of National mourning, drawn from Psalms 24 by Revrend Memba Amos of the Cameroon Baptist Church, based in Bafoussam, preached about ‘The Earth is the Lord’, reminding mourners that God had allowed such an incident to happen so that christains could draw nearer unto HIM.

The Government Delegate to the Bafoussam City Council, Mr Emmanuel Nzete recounts the story of the sad incident and on behalf of the population in Bafoussam thanks the Government for efforts done to help families bury their love ones and also thanks the Prime Minnister Head of Government, Dion Ngute tohave schedule out time to mourn with those affected.
 The Government Delegate to the Bafoussam City Council, Emmanuel Nzete

 The Governor of the West Region, Awa Fonka Augustine reading condolence Message from The Head of State, President Paul Biya
The Presidential couple extends condolences to Bereaved Famillies, through Mr Awa Fonka Augustine, Governor of the West Region who read out the message to the hearing of mourners.

A young man who was one of the survivors of the incident,Mr Keunya Albert appreciates the efforts of rescue teams that got to the scene early and thanked chiefs of the different villages for the help rendered. He confirms that most bereaved families are lodged by Government and yet says it is not enough.
                          Victim of the Landslide Disaster, Keunya Albert recounting the incident

“we have been given a number of basic needs to survive but we are still expecting  more support because we think it is not quite enough”. Albert said.

Minister of Secondary Education, Madam Nalova Lyonga is one of those grieving over the lifes lost at the landslide disaster in Gouache.
                                     Minister of Secondary Education, Madam Nalova Lyonga
”I lost 5 people in this accident, some of them pupils and some teachers but today we our bowing before nature. Nature that no one can control. If our President had a way of reversing death, he could have done it. But Death is irreversible and we happy for the leadership role that He has shown”. Minister of Secondary Education.

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