Tuesday, November 12, 2019


 The Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji talks to Press after Security Meeting in Bamenda
The Minister of Territorial Administration, Mr Paul Atanga Nji has held a security meeting in Bamenda, in close collaboration with the Governor of the North West Region and his Etat Majjor on November 7th 2019 to discuss some of the challenges faced by the administration in maintaining Peace and order in the Region.

The Minister starts off the meeting by appreciating the efforts of the administrative authorities in the region who have stood the test of time in maintaining order since the Anglophone crisis started and that it is a good sign that they are still willing to serve the state in bringing persisting perpetrators to book.

The Governor of the Northwest Region, Adolphe Lele LAfrique, had earlier tabled the challenges faced by his office and collaborators in maintaining Peace and order in the city of Bamenda which had caught the attention of The Head of State, President Paul Biya and is assured by the Minister that solutions will soon be arrived at, as all will work in serenity to ensure calm returns.

Some positive points raised like the return of some internally displaced persons to the region, Majority of kids and students returning back to schools is a good sign that in the days ahead the Region will enjoy peace. And continues to lay emphasis that there is need for Parents, teachers and students to be encouraged continuously to combat fear and do what is right.

It also has been noted with the region that bike riders are tagged with separatists activities; of kidnapping and extorting money from civilians, reason why Minister Paul Atanga Nji decides to have a meeting with syndicates of the transport sector, most especially the bike riders. 

He appreciates them for the effort they do in transporting persons within the region despite the ongoing crisis but however mentions that most of them have decided to make things difficult for the administration, in restoring peace in the North West.

Resolutions arrived at the security meeting, mandates all bike riders to abide by  the laws that guide their limits and are advised by the Minister to be in procession of their identification Jackets and documents. Emphasizing that, those of the transport sector must work in synergy with administration to bring order in the society, while bike riders carry a maximum of about 2persons on a bike.

According to the Minister this will eradicate some of the clandestine activities ongoing in the Region and for those who proof reluctant to adhere to instructions will be seen as perpetrators, a criminal act requiring immediate sanction.
                   Representative of Bike Riders Union Recieve Peace Plant from MINAT Boss
 A leader among the bike riders, a recipient of a Peace plant from the Minister, promises to carry the message to his close collaborators for a change in society.
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