NEW D.O FOR MBENGWI, SARKWE JARVIS ESAPA
A fraction of the Population in Momo Division have mobilized themselves to welcome their New Divisional Officer, Mr Sakwe Jarvis Esapa, former Chief of Cabinet at the Governor’s office of the Northwest Region, installed following the Presidential Degree of 7th October 2019, appointing him Divisional Officer of Mbengwi Sub Division, on November 5th 2019, at the Mbengwi grandstand.

This official installation ceremony takes place few  weeks after the installation of the Senior Divisional Officer for Momo Division, Mr Fouda Etaba Benoit called to serve in that capacity by the Head of State through same Presidential Decree, Leaving his seat as Divisional Officer for the Incoming, Mr Sakwe Jarvis, who had visited Momo Division in different capacities in the role he played in administration.
Thw newly installed D.O for Mbengwi Sub Division standing with the S.D.O for Momo Divsion

The people see him as a charismatic, focus, dynamic and apt administrator who is taking over office in Momo Division at a time when the people have been through different forms of conflict and yearn to enjoy Peace once again. Mr Sakwe Jarvis had read reports of activities in Momo Division and about Mbengwi in Particular. The Mayor of the Mbengwi Council, Tabe Beatrice briefs the Incoming Divisional Officer about the natural resources in his are of jurisdiction calling it a land of many opportunities and yet presented him with the series of challenges that needed his attention during his term of office.
                                     Madam Tabe Beatrice, Mayor of Mbengwi Council
The Ongoing Anglophone crisis has caused social groups to go silent, healthcare service though steadfast, face challenges to function, Pupils and Students, youths who had fled the division for greener pastures, local markets reduced to nothing. All of these according to the Mayor of the Mbengwi Council, were the least of worries, comparing them to the already existing farmer grazier conflict, inter tribal boundary disputes and political divergence, which according to her were second to the major insecurity problem faced in the Division.

Though the Appointments are done by Presidential decree to instill dynamic services in Government, measuring the weight of responsibility bestowed on appointees, will be for the population to cooperate and give the incoming Divisional Officer an enabling working environment. The Senior Divisional officer through his installation speech, assures the Divisional Officer about his readiness to work and availability whenever need arise and considers Mr Sakwe Jarvis Esapa as a promising Administrator, who through him, the different crisis situation faced in Momo Division will see its end.
The S.D.O for Momo Division reads out installation speech to the people of Mbengwi Sub Division
The Senior Divisional officer for Momo Division expects that internal and External Elites, together with competent technical services, should work in synergy to lobby, initiate and execute projects labeled for Mbengwi Municipality. Laying more emphasis for Peace to be given a chance and called on separatist fighters in the bushes to adhere to the call for Peace and reintegration into society.

The Installed Divisional Officer is reminded of some duties during his term of office, considering that there are some irregularities noticed in activities, in the course of ongoing crisis. The Senior Divisional Officer urges The Divisional Officer to facilitate the return of those who have fled the Division, ensure proper functioning of land consultative board, find solutions to the already ongoing land disputes, encourage farmers to get land certificates for the land already acquired for livelihood. All of this as a way forward to achieving long lasting Peace.

                     Installation properof D.O for Mbengwi sub Division, Mr Sarkwe Jarvis Esapa
“He needs to stay focus on the provision of decree 2008/377 bearing on his attribution of administrative authorities and the recommendations meted out to him to take care of the strategic division as a father in order to achieve his goals, he must ensure the security of people and their property, revamp vigilante groups, work with traditional authorities, for Peace to return”. The Senior Divisional Officer of Momo Division, Mr Fouda Benoit.

The Mayor of Mbegwi Council feels satisfied with the new breed of administrators installed.
 “The changing times have brought me closer to many more people in the domain of Administration and like a representative of the people we need to put heads together, follow the laws and communicate our people so that the best can come to the people of Mbengwi or Momo and the Region at Large. If we must forge ahead we must seek the opinion of the people”. Madam Mayor said.

The incoming Divisional officer for Mbengwi Sub Division , Mr Sakwe Jarvis Esapa appreciates and thanks the Head of State for the Confidence, and thinks that by the help of God, he is competent and up to task, given that he will get maximum cooperation from the people. He adds that it is time for him to share kola nuts with those in the bushes, for he believes, He who brings kola nuts brings Peace and therefore encourages those in the bushes to lay down weapons and embrace Peace.
“My presence here is going to bring a lot of changes, an intension I wish to accomplish is to bring normalcy in the population of Mbengwi, reassuring them that we can work again as one person.As for the challenging issues faced in the bike riders or transport sectors, coupled with other conflicts, I have made them my prior objective, to work with religious authorities and traditional rulers. Bringing them close to myself and to my office, to see how we can work for a one and indivisible Cameroon”. Mr Sakwe Jarvis Esapa, Divisional Officer for Mbengwi Sub Division.

Born on 8th May 1982, Married and a Father of one,  is received with relief by the people of Mbengwi sub Division, indicating that the Era of Administration has taken a new stand and will yield positive and long lasting fruits of Peace and Wisdom.

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