IDPs get Opportunities through Goodwill Services from Mankon Elite.

An Elite from Mankon called Tse Ernst who is resident in the United States of America, has been helping internally displaced persons since 2017, through his representative back home. These persons displaced, are those deeply affected by the armed conflict, ongoing in the 2 Anglophone Regions.

Speaking to his Representative Elvis, the elite from Mankon is out to help displaced persons from all age groups, without discrimination and out of goodwill.

He is a buisness man in the U.S, and has put up a Self Help Centre in Douala, with a free cost to gain access to. The services offered; General hair- do , manicule and pedicule, including a beauty department.

The beneficiaries according to Tse  Ernst's representative, Elvis, are internally displaced persons who have been affected by the ongoing armed conflict plaguing the 2 anglophone regions in Cameroon.

Speaking to Elvis, "the centre is meant for displaced persons who are ready to help themselves, they have access to the centre for free, to empower themselves and add value to their lifes ". 

"The place is situated at Bonaberi Douala before Chateau at the entrance to Minoire and functions everyday, except Sundays and we offer room for displaced persons to make use of their talents and sharpen their skills.He added, by leaving a telephone, so that more of the displaced persons will have access to; 682477901.

Elvis shared Tse Ernst's experience and his reasons for the initiative, considering that his dad and uncle had both been captives of seperatists fighters.

"He grew up in the same suffering with no opportunity but was fortunate to travel out of the country and running a very successful business. He credits the United States for the opportunity and feels blessed to do this, which according to him is a way to give back to his community."

"The refugee situation has just enabled him to do more. How can he not help, knowing that he sleeps in the house while others are sleeping in the forest, some women loose their lives after child birth and he has fulfillment in this life, if he does my little part to make the life of someone better". 

"He has shipped Items like sanitary material for the female sex, clothes, shoes and collected most of these things from friends and, others he purchased from savings he set aside every month towards this course. Bandages, Tylenol, touch light, have been shipped to help those leaving in bushes. He feels obligated to send basic needs and does not feel comfortable revealing his identity, but will do all to follow up and make sure things are reaching the needy." His source explains.

"He has also teamed up with NGO's  to ship personal effects to Cameroon refugees leaving in Nigeria and the first training center has gone operational, supporting numerous organization helping those suffering in Cameroon but he does these while staying anonymous" 

 According to his source, preparations are going on to create centers in Bamenda and Buea for young males, to train them in different domains just like he and his team has estabilished one in Douala. 


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