Covid-19: Sisterspeak237 accompanies Persons with Disabilities; Providing Support.

Persons with disability within the city Bamenda have clamoured for accessibility to healthcare services admist the ongoing armed conflict and health crisis within the Northwest Region.

It is within this framework that Sisterspeak 237 has provided some food items and other kits to empower persons with disability, considering the challenges faced during the health crisis.

This response is out to contribute to the livelihood of Persons within this familly of disability and "assure them that they are not left behind".

The Project lead, Wanchia Cynthia says the initiative is meant to give support to these persons while reminding them of the need to keep the preventive measures to guard against the Coronavirus disease.

"We have handed materials to persons with visual impairment, provided them with some food items, provided them with Savon, Maggi, vegetable oil and sanitary pads for the women because we understand the challenges faced with the Coronavirus, so in our own way we wanted to empower them, economically and to also remind them that there is no cure for the virus but can only respect, keep and implement the measures put in place to guard against the disease" Project Lead.

She also laid emphasis on the need to wash hands, maintain social distancing and put on face mask and cited one of these as one of the major challenges faced by persons with disability.

"Their major challenge is that, they have care givers and the close contact between them and their care givers is a risk factor which is more risky for women with disability". She added

Over 20 famillies benefitted from this gesture from Sisterspeak 237 in Bamenda. The CEO, Comfort Musa plans on extending same gesture to the 10regions of the country.

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