Newly Installed D.O of Bafut, Challenged To Work with Vigilante Groups.

The new Divisional Officer for Bafut sub division, Diobe Elumba Didacus Elumba, has been installed into office by the Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh, admist security challenges.

The Installation ceremony took place in Bafut, on Tuesday June 30th 2020, under tight security conditions, though security convoy came under serious attack, the event recorded a sucess.

The Mayor of the Bafut Council, Ngwakongho Lawrence says though the population wish for the return of peace, the challenges faced outnumbered their Strength: insecurity situation,that has caused the people to loose their jobs, homes, value property and lifes, leading to mass Exodus of indegenes and hampered economic growth.

Though very little of peace is experienced in Bafut, he describes the Bafut people as "peace loving. "Those who are benefitting from the largesse of the Bafut man are those who have come from neighbouring villages, therefore calling on all Intruders to return to their native home and allow peace and tranquility to return in Bafut" Mayor of Bafut Council emphasized.

"There will be revamping of economic activities in Bafut despite security challenges; there are minerals and local cash crops in lower Bafut and though many youths are unemployed, gradually as things unfold, life will return to normal, we pray for peace to return so we can benefit" he added.

He recognized efforts of NGOs, that have carried out activities to support the people within his municipality and added that indegenes needed sensitization on preventive measures, concerning the Covid-19 pandemic.

The member of Parliament for the Bafut/Tubah sub division, said he was "happy to have seen the realities on ground,and we are using the D.O's Installation, to call on the population,to remain law abiding, and support the incoming D.O in the discharge of his functions" and added that "the security of the Bafut people are in the hands of the Bafut people themselves,not the military."

"Without peace therefore there is virtually no meaningful Development, we should give peace a chance,so we are able to carry out the many projects that the Mayor had announced and also benefit from the Presidential Reconstruction Plan". Hon Agho Oliver

Replacing the outgone Divisional Officer, Ashu George by a Presidential Decree on June 10th by Diobe Elumba Didacus Elumba at a time when Bafut is facing security problems, the newly installed is expected "to create vigilante groups, create a task force that will collaborate with administration for the return of peace, protect the people of Bafut and their property, Fighting without fear criminal activities and protecting intergrity of the state, promoting living together spirit among inhabitants, encourage people to Cary out their daily activities and pay taxes, and promote freedom of opinion within legal framework, ensuring that no citizen is totured or marginalized." SDO for Mezam

"I just took over and my plan of action as regards to sustainable peace and serenity to return to Bafut, there is no new thing, I will engage in a peace crusade and the Bafut people will rally behind me and we shall reconstruct Bafut so that Bafut will be great like never before, calling on children on the bush that have been misled,need to come back and together as one people we will brainstorm together for sustainable peace to return." Newly installed D.O for Bafut Sub Division.

An Administrative officer born 19th August 1983 in Bangem, Kupe Manenguba Division, Southwest Region. Has a healthy educational back ground after studying with faculty of Economics and Management in the University of Nchang, went through the advanced school of translators,ASTIC University of Buea, Went to ENAM, and later went to the International Relations Institute in Cameroon,IRIC and graduated with a bachelor degree in Management Economics 2010,Master Degree in translation studies in 2015,Diploma of ENAM 2017, Professional Master's Degree in International Relations 2019.

After his graduation.he served in in Bangem as teacher and worked in the council,later he was senior support staff and translator in translation unit, MINAT, in 2018/2020. Administrative officer, incharge of situational report, 6th March 1st Assistant D.O of Mezam and on June 10th appointed Divisional Officer for Bafut Sub Division.

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