Mayor of Bafut Council Intensifies Disinfection Exercise In his Municipality.

Though no case of Covid-19 has been recorded within the Bafut municipality, the Mayor of the Bafut council, Nkwangho Lawrence, decides to involve the people within his jurisdiction in the 2nd Phase of the disinfection exercise.

Speaking in Bafut on June 27th, the Mayor confirms that the Bafut man has been very conscious about the Coronavirus disease and are making efforts to guard against it reason why no case has been recorded like in other neighbouring villages.

"Bafut has not recorded any Coronavirus case through our efforts and consciousness, because, since the arrival of the virus, we took on our heels to ensure that we put in place all the measures to ensure that the virus does not enter our municipality." Mayor of Bafut said.

"Before now we provided nose mask, hand sanitizers and other items, for the Bafut people to use and they have respected all measures put in place by Government to curb the disease." he added.

To intensify the fight against the disease, the Mayor and his team involved the Bafut district hospital, the Bafut Palace, the market, the Bafut council, not leaving out the premises of the D.O's office and the Brigade gendamerie post of Bafut.

The Mayor of Bafut also disinfected the airport, considering that it was one of the entry or exit points of Bafut, involving the armed forces to guard against the disease " as they go about their patrol". 

"Considering that other neighbouring villages like Tubah sub division has recorded a case, we decided to carry out the 2nd phase of disinfection ,to intensify the fight against the disease, for the Bafut people to stay healthy" he added.

Doctor Nkwan Percy, district medical head tells the press, how advantageous is the disinfection exercise is to keep Bafut a safe zone, the need to sensitize the villagers and how equiped the hospital is, if a case is registered.

"Such a gesture is important to us because we understand the virus, picking it up from surfaces, in the hospital where we work on, disinfecting the hospital will go a long way to prevent people from  getting the virus." The District medical head.

"Most of the villagers arround here are not very much aware about the disease or sensitized concerning the virus and do not maintain other measures to guard against the pandemic, by disinfecting the hospital, One of the roots through which they can get the virus has already been curbed and the prevalance in this village will drastically reduce, because the hospital is one of those Institutions where people will always come to" he added

There are no major incident in Bafut, and as the major hospital in bafut, we have the basic things to fight against the disease; there is a new building to be used as an isolation center, incase of  suspicion, we have buckets and detergents around the hospital for the washing of hands. With respect to the staff, we have set rules for the wearing of mask and for patients we suspect with symtoms, we wear the protective gowns to consult the patients and interact with them until their test result is proven negative from the regional hospital in Bamenda." He explained


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