Paul Tasong Recommends PPRD, a Tool for Peace and Sustainable Development

The National Coordinator of the Presidential Plan for Reconstruction and Development of the Northwest and Southwest Regions, has told the press that "the plan is flexible and no beneficiary will be left behind", after his 5day working visit to the Northwest region.

Speaking during the end of his maiden working visit to the Northwest Region, On June 26th, as Paul Tasong called on the people to embrace the PPRD to permanently put an end to pains afflicted on individuals that have suffered the effect of the crisis and place the people on the path of peace and sustainable development.

After executing free frank discussions and share the content activities of the plan, listening and taking note of all proposals made by all Stakeholders, the National Coordinator made it clear that the plan is flexible and will leave no beneficiary behind, "the plan is for all victims of the crisis regardless of political ideology or affiliation".

He added that "Reconstructing while there is still ongoing violence on the field, Reconstruction will begin from calm areas to violent areas, and this plan is a tool government is using to promote peace and sustainable Development", he added.


As part of Reconstruction, essential infastructure will include; to create a solid network on the ground to preach message of peace and solidarity, rehabilitating schools, health centers, Roads, bridges, water ponds, Community centers and markets while concerning local economy; there will be boosting of agricultural production, rehabilitation of economic infastructure, upgrading energy infastructure and support economic recovery.

Youth empowerment and training programs will be established, rehabilitation of the Bamenda Fundong road, with attention given to Nwa sub division in Donga-Mantung,which is an inclaved area with no access road or electricity Supply. Women empowerment centres will be assisted and funded because they work with women that are vulnerable. 

Rehabilitation of both council roads and national roads, improve on the accessibility to some municipalities and to facilitate circulation of people, rehabilitation of water and electricity supply structures, as well as health facilities and schools that have been vandalized. Creation of employment opportunities for the youths, who are amongst the most vulnerable of the population.

He added that "Principles of participation and Vulnerability will be, to identity priority beneficiaries of the plan, who are public administration, public Organizations, churches, cooperatives, associations, economic operators and household."

The National Coordinator mentioned that the challenge with the plan, is to organize the number of household affected and to have the exact data concerning the looses recorded, the methods of mechanism of making available activities of this plan to the affected population.

He granted a Press Conference through which he expressed satisfaction and adviced Press men to focus on peace n reconstruction "because its objective is to make sure there is no suffering and death.

 He also promised the press about training/workshops to hold to facilitate the implementation of the plan, while he noted that Development Communication is taken as a proposal, to ensure construction is not followed by destruction.

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