Tubah Council Projects Under Scrutiny

Tubah Mayor and Administrative Authourities

The Anglophone crisis plaguing the Northwest and Southwest Regions has been the reason why many projects have not come to fruition, while others halted. Tubah Council has not been left without such challenges.

"This year's projects are almost done with about 70% of the projects realised and about 5 projects have finished to the point of reception then the other ones are left which have already been awarded," Mayor Tubah Council.

He told the press about challenges encountered in executing projects within his Municipality, because of the threats meted on workers by separatists fighters and still the managed to execute a good number projects.

This was during a council session on July 18th, holding a mid-term evaluation session of the Public Investment Budget Projects and those funded by the Council.Contractor We respect norms guiding road works, we are using the manual labour method and to control human beings is not very easy, since this is not mechanic. We are using local material, we are using pure concrete to realise the bridge, sand n concrete just gotten arround the site.byt for challenges faced, to employ efforts to get the bridge perfectly done.The control team is on the field to see that the work is done, we are less than 50% with the realisation of the project. But for the 1st phase we are at 80% realization.

In his speech, he talked about the fragility of the State due to the current socio-political crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic, which has hindered not only livelihood but equally dampened the council's financial situation as the collection of taxes has been suspended.

Tubah Councilors

The above situation has left the Council with unpaid salaries of staff and running cost of administrative activities impossible.

He called on councillors not to relent efforts but to be more involved in the developmental projects of their various communities, be law abiding and most importantly stay clear of issues that can divide the community and promote social cohesion.

"We are doing our best. Most of our projects are almost done. It is under abnormal circumstances. It is very difficult to go through, under the circumstances of threats from secessionist, threats not to see you work, but then we have moved to the level at which we are presenting today", The Mayor said.

Tubah Mayor, Tanjong Martin

He said some projects are pending reception; 27million Cfa road maintenance is 95% gone, didactic materials has been awarded to schools, Instal Transformers to extend electricity in parts of Bambili, Zoological Technical office in Bambui and agric post Bambili is still at the level of examination at the tender board.

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