Hon. Ngah Estala Responds to Emmergency Needs of Mbiame/Nkum People

MP hands basic items 

The MP for Mbiame/Nkum Constituency had responded to the Challenges faced by the population of her area with gifts of cartons of medication, 10 mattresses with pillowcases and bedspread, handed to the Health Center and a committee immediately installed to handle activities of health center to the benefit the population.

Mbiame people Welcome their MP

The people of Mbiame/Nkum Constituency have received with delight their MP, Honorable Ngah Estala who since the February 9th twin Elections has made her first priority to serve the people whom she represents in Parliament.

MP meets Displaced Persons

In order to sustain living conditions, the MP and Mayor of Mbiame, Mayor Shey Williams visited some IDPs and other facilities in need of assistance within her constituency.

With close collaboration from the Mayor of Mbiame and other elites, Hon Estala embarked successfully on "Meet the people's tour" within her constituency on Sunday 14th February 2021 and Monday 15th February 2021.

The people living in Mbiame gathered in their numbers at market squares to welcome and listen to their Member of Parliament, who pleaded that those still in the bushes should come out, drop their arms and join her in the Development process of her area.

People gather to listen to their MP

She spoke in local language for ease in communication to her people asking that the seperatists fighters in the bushes to end the war and stop the killings.

"I am pleading that parents should talk to these children in the bushes, they are our children, let them come out, we don't want our children to die again. I visit you on Valentine's Day to tell you about how much love I have and willing to share with my people." MP

D.O Mbven

The Sub divisional Officer of Mbven Saidou Moussa, expressed joy as activities regain steam in his subdivision and encouraged others out, to come back to their homes. The M.P and her delegation carried same messages of Peace to Njanawa, Reh and Refim the head quarter of Mbven subdivision.

Honorable Ngah Estala saluted the efforts of the people at each stop she made, appreciating the efforts of those who remained determined in the fight against separatist fighters in their villages. The people expressed satisfaction seeing their M.P coming to them given the challenging of the terrain.

MP talks with People of Mbuhnso

In Mbuhnso, Mbven subdivision, she met a cross-section of the population, who had with her what can be described as a family meeting. For over three hours, the population had the opportunity to appreciate the MP and the Mayor for successfully bringing portable water to their village, however they pleaded that the water should be extended to other parts of Mbiame.

"If your children don't go to school, we are the ones loosing, gather your kids to begin school immediately, we are not asking for school fees." MP

After encouraging parents to send their children to school, she added that they should not relent their efforts in reporting suspected faces in the village, to Security and Defense forces who are there for their protection and gave a prompt response to their worries, promising that electricity will be brought to the village.

As the MP visited different Communities and took note of the people's plight, she promised to be back and visit other areas she did not visit.

Pictures and quotes: Camraisenews

By Ndefru Mélanie



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