Over 500 Youths To Gain Employment Through Road Project

View of New Road Stretch of Road

A road project intended to expand the urban area in the city of Bamenda is expected to employ over 500 youths; bricklayers, carpenters, iron benders, technicians, surveyors. Youngsters will have gainful employment and will have the opportunity to enhance their expertise.

Commision members on the field

Fieldwork to earmark structures to be demolished in order to allow the city council commence work was done on February 3rd 2021. The project is to be funded by the World Bank Project which starts from welcome to Bamenda through Ecole de champion and down through the city of Bamenda.

City Mayor

"The population is well disciplined and has recieved the project given by the Head of state, President Paul Biya, to extend the urban city from Ecole de Champion to Amour Mezam junction to finance Junction, Ayaba Hotel, T-junction hospital round about through foodmarket city and Vertinary Junction." Bamenda City Mayor, Achombang Tambeng Paul.

Stretch of the road from Amour Mezam Junction

The road is intended to take the face of an express road, which has included the process of demolishing some houses, other structures including buisnesses.

SDO for Mezam

The SDO for Mezam Division, Simon Emile Moore was closely accompanied by the City Mayor and the D.Os for Bamenda II and III, including members of the commission concerned with the demolishing of structure and commence of road works.

"The road will have an international touch and we expect alot of collaboration from the population. Those who have been affected have already been compensated since 2017 and today we have come to earmark the structures which are affected, we are happy the population is welcoming the project" SDO Mezam.

Part of Structures Earmarked

Structures affected have been given an ultimatum of 24hours to evacuate and give room for road works to begin. 

These are; Personal property, Schools, garrages, shops, bensikin parks, electric poles and a protestant church. It should be noted that anyhouse built after 2015 is considered a public utility and could likely be affected. Houses built during this time are not allowed to be explored and are not entitled to any compensation.

By Ndefru Melanie

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