PSS Mankon: Bamenda II Mayor Embarks On Rehabilitation

The Mayor of the Bamenda II Council, Chenwi Peter has kept his promise to invest in Education. He mentioned that the Northwest has a treasure which is Education and called on all Son and Daughters of the soil, Stakeholders to preserve, invest and promote it.

"We are reassuring the school administration, students and the population that the government will give its full support. In the Northwest region, we have no Company, Our own Company is Education. We must preserve it and invest in it be it the private or the public sector." Mayor Chenwi Peter.

The Bamenda II Mayor has visited P.S.S Mankon on February 10th 2021, on the eve of Youth Day celebrations as a way of promoting youths in their quest for Education.

It should be recalled that over a hundred students were directly affected twice, with arson attacks that took place on the night of the 22nd and 23rd January 2021. The Academic institution is said to have recieved aid from the Head of State, His Excellency President Paul Biya.

"P.S.S Mankon falls within my municipality, when it was burnt we felt touched and visited the school, spoke with the principal, the school administration. we told them that government was going to give assistance and on our part took an undertaking to renovate this structures and that is why we have come here to do follow up on what has been ongoing." Bamenda II Mayor, Mayor Chenwi Peter.

The Bamenda II Council is at the moment making preparations underway to refurbish the boys dormitory.

By Ndefru Melanie


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