CCMN/SOPISDEW Promotes, Engages Peace Journalists In Program Production

PSEA Awards

Some members of the Cameroon Community Media Network (CCMN) have been distinguished through awards by SOPISDEW for the production of programs, on content quality, rhyming with the context their audience lives in the NorthWest region, witnessing the impact of the ongoing armed Conflict. 

Participants In Attendance

The Network meeting which held on February 6th 2021, brought together members of SOPISDEW (Society For the Promotion of Initiatives in Sustainable Development and Welfare) and CCMN( Cameroon Community Media Network).

Souvenir Picture

The dual efforts of both associations, emporing people's abilities and standing for peace got into partnership to uplift the moral of persons and audience, who are considered the victims of the Anglophone crisis turned and armed conflict.

The armed conflict in the NorthWest region is gradually escalating to another phase, as seperatist fighter now use local explosives to hit their targets. The population left at their own mercy are devastated about the dangers moving within the city of Bamenda without caution.

It is for these reasons that CCMN thinks that more efforts should be on the production of Peace programs, touching aspects that have not been discussed before, believing that through collective efforts from Peace Journalists the society will be put in check.

There is need to shield the population from negative energy, manipulation from leaders who are derailing the Peace course and also helping persons who have suffered violence in the course of the ongoing armed conflict.

National Coordinator talking on fight against Hatespeech

It is inline with fighting the negative impact of the Ongoing Crisis in the NorthWest region that Rosaline Akah Obah, the National Coordinator for CCMN drilled members on the role of the media in the fight against hatespeech and fake news.

As part of the fellows of the African Factchecking Fellows for Cohort 3, she dwelled on this knowledge and was open to welcome experience and opinion from members on how this can apply in all news rooms and other platforms. 

Topics to enhance Peace in Communities were distributed for Radio, Print, TV and Bloggers so that communication could continue in communities, so as to further Protect many from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA).

Fallouts from the Douala reports saw members discuss the Charter that describes the organigram and functions of members at leading positions of the CCMN, describing what is expected of members of the network, not leaving out the need for an Advisory Board, having each member from all the branch networks in Cameroon.

Network members will however in the weeks ahead in the month of March, sign an MOU with the PCC Peace Office.

By Ndefru Melanie



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