Ntaccul Registers Over 7000, Realizes 2.8billion cfa Despite Armed Conflict

Taku Isaac, Ntaccul's President

The President of Ntarinkon Co-operative Credit Union (Ntaccul) has revealed that the board of directors strategized well ahead of time and work on a plan, reason why over 7000 people were registered in 2020 and about 2.8 billion realized, despite ongoing armed conflict.

Ntaccul's President, Taku Isaac revealed this during Ntaccul's Annual General Meeting which held at Congress hall Bamenda, on February 6th 2021. The AGM registered an overflowing crowd as members, being one of the best micro finance institutions in recent years.

The fallouts of the Ongoing Crisis

At a time when the population in the NorthWest region is experiencing another escalation phase of the armed conflict, facing financial challenges due to the ongoing Anglophone Crisis; the loss in business profits, destroyed property; both buisness and personal, kidnappings for ransome, extortion.

Ntaccul continues to empower its members by adding 5% to their savings, to improve on living standards.

Ntaccul's President

"Our secret is strategy we do not navigate in the air. We have a plan which we follow strictly. We do alot of marketting. Despite deliquency which stands at 20%, we will cut down on lending and master the people who are eligible for the loans, the new loans. For the old loans we will reinforce the loan recovery task force to succeed in our recovery services." Ntaccul's President, Taku Isaac.

Ntaccul has recieved awards in recent years being the best micro finance institution in Cameroon. This because they pay interest of 5% to members' savings. Management intends to keep the steam in serving their members, hoping many more will register.

"The issue of 5% interest paid on savings for members is poverty alleviation. Those who are not yet members should come and those who are members should save more to recieve more interest." Ntaccul's GM

The board of directors, though a record of success and challenges, have prospects for 2021. The President is confident that members will have easier access to their accounts than before because Ntaccul plans to go digital.

"We have a program to go digital; digitalize and do electronic banking, extend and connect our banking to the network. ATM cards will connect directly to the accounts which can be used through out the CEMAC sub region" President Ntaccul.

View of Members attending AGM

Every member was provided with a record of reports for 2020, they applauded the efforts of management and solicited that the President improves on output. According to the General Manager Ade Muma Divine, commisions will be put in place to review reccomendations in order to implement, particularly the establishment of other branches.

Ntaccul's GM

"There is a branch in Bamenda III in Nkwen which will go operation in under 2 months. This branch came about because members complained that the main office in Bamenda is too far. The suggestion of constructing the magnificent building in Yaoundé, we will go ahead because the Union is over crowded at that end" Ade Muma Divine. Ntaccul's GM.

Ntaccul's GM, Ade Muma Divine

"About customer care; more workers need to be trained on how to deal with the problems of members, to understand members and that they have problems, especially those fleeing from the crisis zone, they have alot of grievances, we have a way of talking to them and proposing solutions to their problems." General Manager.

The Board of Directors has envisaged projects to suit the desires of victims who have suffered violence during the armed conflict. A project tailored to suit the aspirations of those who dwell in the crisis zone; rehabilitation of members, those whose buisnesses have been damaged by the war.

"We have projects we cannot go ahead with because of the situation at hand, when the situation is better we are going to go into that, to make sure those who are affected by the ongoing crisis, get their buisnesses rebuilt" Ntaccul's GM.

Some staff of Ntaccul's branches were appreciated for their efforts in satifying the demands of their clients.

Distinguished Ntaccul's Staff who recieved recognition for Services offered

While majority of the members were concerned with elements of Ntaccul's Annual General Meeting, others took off time to know their health situation by visiting the stands where medical personels attended to them.

Medical attention given at request of members or other persons at Ntaccul's AGM venue

By Ndefru Melanie


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