Communities In Buea Benefit From NDES Foundation's Water Project

Inhabitants of Malingo and Mile 18 communities, Buea in the Southwest region, have recieved a borehole from NDES Foundation clean water project, being part of their mission to save lives, improving standards of living and providing healthy assistance.

Water is Life and because these communities never had access to clean or portable water, NDES Foundation made this offer in order to be part of the solutions to the difficulties the people faced. This non profit making organization provided quick access to clean water, to meet the basic needs of those living in Malingo and Mile 18 Buea.

Representatives of NDES Foundation

Having a moto; Giving for the greater good, NDES Foundation are solution orientated, with a vision of being reliable in providing timely health and education assistance to the underprivileged. By visiting Malingo and Mile 18 communities in Buea with a borehole, they fufilled their mission in saving lifes and empowered the community.

Their activities also takes place at a time when the people are faced with a double challenge of taking care of themselves during the health Pandemic, Covid19 and on one hand the armed conflict. The other requires some level of sanitation, without which the community will be exposed to danger.

And the armed conflict, that has prevented many technicians from going to the field and carrying out projects that will be beneficial to the community. NGOs like NDES Foundation coming to the rescue of these communities, is timely.

Created on May 19th 2019 in Buea, NDES Foundation maintains its Zero tolerance policy against abuse, exploitation of Children and vulnerable persons, believing that education can break poverty circles.

By Ndefru Melanie


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