Covid-19: Bamenda II Mayor Saves Pupils/Students from Pandemic Strangle

Bamenda II Mayor inspecting disinfection excercise

Mayor Chenwi Peter, Mayor of the Bamenda II Council has embarked on disinfecting schools, protecting learners from the deadly Pandemic, Covid-19 now on a 2nd phase, considered to be fierce.

Mayor, Council Staff/Councilors

Mayor and Peers, Army Rescue Team

To stop the virus from finding a breathing ground on school campus, the Mayor on March 13th 2021 decided to have council staff and some Councilors, accompany the Army Rescue Unit visit some schools within Bamenda II and have them disinfected.

G.B.H.S Down town

P.S.S Mankon

G.B.H.S Old town

G.P.S Old Town

Schools visited by the Bamenda II Council Mayor and team; Presbyterian Secondary School Mankon (P.S.S), Government Bilingual High School Down town (G.B.H.S), Government Bilingual School (G.B.S) and Government Practicing School (G.P.S) Old town.

Education is vital tool for development, the Mayor believes that disinfecting these schools within his Municipality is a way of assuring Parents, Teachers and the learners that the school year should continue to the end, and no child should be left behind in the quest for knowledge.

Bamenda II Mayor talking to Press

Mayor Chenwi Peter

"We cannot be talking education without health, Education is the lone Industry we have and we don't want a situation where calsses will be suspended because of the coronavirus pandemic. We cannot be talking reconstruction when lives are not protected, we must protect lives of our children, who will be leaders tomorrow, of a country we want to reconstruct" Mayor tells Civiclens.

"We are disinfecting schools against Covid-19 and we are calling on all to respect barrier measures to curb the spread of the virus" Mayor Bamenda II Council.

Anti- Covid Kits handed to VP of P.S.S Mankon

Symbolic handing of kits to Principal of G.B.H.S Down town

The Mayor offered anti-Covid kits to these institutions after the disinfection excercise and promised to do a follow up on the usage of kits given to stakeholders withing Bamenda, sometime in 2020, during the first phase of the pandemic.

Kits offered were; facemasks, savon, tap-buckets, to encourage teachers, Students and visitors who come to campus to protect themselves and keep Barrier measures.

Mayor, assisting in Protecting belongings of Students before Disinfection

Nditafon George Dr, Principal of G.B down town and Achu Jack Mendi, VP of P.S.S Mankon thanked the Mayor for remembering their institutions in the era of the 2nd phase of the pandemic, promising the Mayor to guide users on the use of the kits.

The Mayor tells Civiclens that follow up will be done by the Hygiene and Sanitation team of the council, to ensure that the local Population on has used the kits given at to them by the Bamenda II Council, to help them protect themselves from the health crisis.

Students were happy about the disinfection exercise and had great hopes that the year will run smoothly to the end, yet like Oliver Twist, they requested the Mayor should continue standing with them at a time when the education sector is faced with a double crisis; the armed conflict and the health Pandemic, Covid-19.

At P.S.S Mankon, roofed building by Bamenda II Council

The Mayor in his quest to protect lifes and education and its facilities within his jurisdiction, he presented the building that suffered arson attacks in P.S.S Mankon. Councilors and council staff saw the roofed building done with new sheets of zinc by the Bamenda II Mayor council.

By Ndefru Mélanie


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