German Government involvement In Empowering Women in Cameroon


Supporting/Empowering young women and girls in Cameroon is top priority for HOFNA, especially for those vulnerable and victims of violence in the armed Conflict stricken regions. The German Government now embarks on the 3rd National Action Plan (NAP) on the Women Peace and Security agenda. 

"I see this 3rd NAP as a great turning point in the German efforts to promote the effective realisation of the purpose of UNSCR1325 and I have this strong conviction that such a NAP makes the future of peace (and WPS in particular) clearer and closer."

The CEO of HOFNA, Hope for the Needy Association Cameroon, Christelle Bay Nfor has made an  outing to reveal contributions made by the association on women related issues. As part of activities to mark this year's Women day celebrations, she participated in discussions leading to the development of the National action plan.

"I'm humbled to have been one of the discussants invited by @GermanyDiplo to contribute ideas on the Development of the German 3rd #NAP on the Women Peace and Security Agenda. I participated in the launch of an inclusive masterpiece, that will positively transform the face of Women Peace/Security globally."

HOFNA continues to give opportunities to women and young girls at the grassroot levels in times of the dual conflict; the health crisis Covid 19 and the Anglophone crisis turned an armed Conflict , creating a platform for women voices to be heard, especially through such a transfomative space.

"Through participation in the Development of such an important plan of action, the German government has proven its commitment, by giving priority to the different EXPERIENCES and IDENTITIES of women during supposed peace times as well as times of war"

HOFNA recognizes the suffering of most young women and girls who have fled conflict zones in search of safer space, reason why the association addresses structural inequalities and focus on gender norms, power dynamics that characterizes the Peace process.

"I am excited that the NAP brings in an uncommon perspective to the realization of the WPS. Grassroot women leaders in the first ever National Workshop on gender-based violence and localization of UNSCR1325 organized by HOFNA with support from the German People, the Deputy Ambassador of the German Embassy, Mme Bennemann said;

The relationship between our organisation and the German Mission in Cameroon has been amazing with over three years of uncommon realisations with grassroot women organizations.

HOFNA has trained a good number of grassroot women, Community Leaders, single mothers, internally displaced women and girls; with the objective of preventing and ending GBV, encouraging women to be more involved in Peace building processes.

By Ndefru Melanie

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