REWAC Comforts Young Girls,Victims of GBV

REWAC distributes kits to Young Teenage Mothers

Nursing Mothers and Teenage pregnant ladies have recieved kits from REWAC, with the help of their funder AVAAZ, to help them cater for themselves and their babies in the phase of the ongoing crisis and the health Pandemic Covid 19.

Distribution Excercise

REWAC (Refugee Welfare Association Cameroon) a non profit making organization, identified and mobilized over a hundred vulnerable ladies between the ages of 15-18years, most of whom are victims of Gender Based Violence, offering them kits to help sustain them, while protecting their dignity.

Given the difficult situation they are faced with in the face of  dual crisis, AVAAZ through REWAC offered delivery kits, some basic needs and some foodstuffs to these group of young girls, who chose to share their stories with REWAC volunteers, requesting for help given their situation.


Items offered were those of utmost importance, which some of them admitted couldn't afford. It included; blankets, diapers, sanitary pads, soap, anti-Covid kits and some foodstuff; milk, rice, beans amongst other items offered.

Project Manager chats with Beneficiaries

Jingkoh Laura is project manager for REWAC, she told Civiclens that the project focuses on young girls because they are one of the most vulnerable group in the course of the armed conflict and deserve attention/care.

"These are Internally displaced young teenage mothers, affected by Covid19, a double challenge for them because they are in a crisis zone and the girl child has become more vulnerable to both crisis." Jingkoh Laura, REWAC's project manager.

"We have Pregnant ladies and  nursing northers as young as 15-18years, the armed conflict has caused some of them to move and are being hosted by those who are not familly members. This at most times subjects them to violence, GBV." Project Manager.

Team REWAC on the field

Distribution was done in 2 phases and over a hundred young girls were beneficiaries of the project, sustaining them during their gestation period and others got items to help themselves and their babies.

Souvenir picture

Refugee Welfare Association Cameroon (REWAC) aims to end the systematic violations of the rights of vulnerable migrants and to promote, defend, and enforce international humanitarian law.

REWAC defends and promotes the rights of vulnerable groups of persons, refugees, asylum seekers and with its partners, AVAAZ have supported these young ladies, protecting their dignity.

Some of them shared their feeling after recieving the kits from REWAC.

Symbolic handing kits to Beneficiary

"I am grateful that REWAC has remembered us, it is challenging to go through this period of the crisis and Covid19, we have danger staring at us on 2 fronts and we need help because we don't have the means, thanks to REWAC and AVAAZ we will go home with something" pregnant lady, 17years.

Beneficiary, nursing mother

"Some of us are single mothers, the father to our baby left us and with the crisis making things difficult, poverty has made some of us not to even afford the basics we need. Protecting ourselves and our dignity is our major concern, we thank REWAC for her contribution in helping our situation" Nursing Mother, 18years.

AVAAZ is a U.S.-based non profit organization launched in January 2007 that promotes global activism on issues such as human rights, corruption, poverty, and conflict, serving humanity world wide.

By Ndefru Mélanie

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