Gun Battle Shuts Down Bamenda

Glimpse of Empty streets

Bamenda woke up calm On Wednesday, March 10th 2021 and about 8am same morning City dwellers hid themselves after they heard the sound of gunshots from across the town.

Streets deserted due to gunshots

People hid themselves hoping the situation will normalize, so they return to their activities of the day but little did they know, everyone will be forced to return home before sunset.

Eyewitness to the shootout reported that T-junction- Round about- Ntarinkon- Azire new church/Old church- Foodmarket were not safe areas, sending this information out to protect persons who had not gotten the gunshots to stay off danger.

Main Market shuts down

At about 1pm same day, the gunshots resumed. This time many people, buisness men and women ran to their homes for safety.Details of the course, though not known at the time of this report, sources revealed that it was a tyre puncture while another talks of alleged seperatists fighters attempted an attack on a control post in Bamenda.

"Liberty Square" a shadow of itself

People living in Bamenda are more alert as the armed conflict unfolds, ready to run to safety and return back to activities when the dust settles. Bamenda shuts down depending on the gravity of gunshots, this can be compared to that which happened in the early days of September 2020.

At the time of this report, Civiclens had not gathered information about casualties from the shootout, yet scoop filtered that 2 soldiers had being killed.

Partial view of commercial avenue

The events of Wednesday March 10th 2021, remain contrary to the opinion that "things are under control". Children going to school have become victims of voilence, vulnerable to hard sounds from these gunshots.

Yet people in Bamenda are hopeful that the crisis will come to an end, given that both parties in the armed conflict agree that Peace is possible.

By Ndefru Mélanie


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