Retired Lt Colonel Sunday Lawrence laid to Rest, In Bamenda

Burial rites

Judith Yah Sunday Epse Achidi, eldest child to the late Lieutenant Colonel, gives her father a befitting burial in Bamenda, after his demise on February 10th 2021. The burial takes place in Bamenda after multiple virgil mass and Eulogies have been said, Wake services and live tributes paid to the deceased.

Born in 1939, Retired Lt Colonel Sunday Lawrence journeys to Glory after serving the nation for over 3 decades. He was known for a visible passion in his training while offering several volunteer services at the Military Academy.

He served at the 6th military Company for years and was raised to the rank of lieutenant in 1967, later in 1972, a Presidential decree raised him to the rank of captain. In 1989, he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant Colonel after being 2nd in command of the 5th military sector.

His peers termed his carreer as effective during his stay within the corps and was extended by 2years and later  went on retirement in 1996. He died on February 10th 2021, in Montreal- Canada leaving behind a wife, 6 children and several children.

Camtel GM, Judith Ya Sunday Epse Achidi Mourns Dad

His daughter, Judith Yah Sunday Espse Achidi and her siblings, mourned their father in the best of ways they could, yet flowers couldn't bring him back. Traditional rulers from within the Northwest and natives of her hometown mourned with her and animated the funeral with ritual and fine traditional songs.

Former Mayor Ndu

The former Mayor of Ndu, Bunyui Emmanuel tells Press men who were present to observe the funeral of the late Colonel, that he was lucky to have had some development exchanges with the deceased, while he was in office.

"During my mandate I had the opportunity to meet with the late Colonel when I travelled to Canada. He gave me ideas on the things we could do to transform the Municipality, making it a place to visit; developing the bullevard, planting trees by the side of the main road." Bunyui Emmanuel.

He was of the school of thought that we can redress the energy lapses within our Municipality by going solar. The idea was bought and we visited some areas that had some solar fields and we were already concretizing that, but the crisis came and we could not continue" Former Mayor of Ndu.

Bunyui Emmanuel says the retired Colonel had a very high moral because his ideas had developmental strides as a military person.

"We got some little funding from FEICOM, and we decided to do street lighting using solar. These were his ideas, he was a military person but had ideas that cut across political lines. He was not tribalistic, he was a very moral and very highly humouous individual." He added.

Judith Ya Sunday Epse Achidi finds the sepreatiion between herself and her dad as gruesome, cruel and unbearable, because her father's love was untainted and inestimable.

Eldest Child of the deceased

Funeral ceremony

She puts forth her father's journey on earth in pictures as it will serve as an archive after the Colonel's departure to the world beyond. 

Death is inevitable and everyone must remember that this world is a passing place, let us live our lives like it were our last day on earth.

By Ndefru Mélanie


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