MINFOPRA Boss Cautions Absentee State Employees

Minister of Public Service, Joseph Le

The Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform, Joseph Le has urged the Governor of the Northwest region, Adolphe Lele Lafrique to monitor effective prescence of state employees at their duty post, who according to him are using the Covid 19 pandemic to report sporadically in their respective jobsides.

"Some state employees use Covid as a pretext and come to work sporadically, the public service is working at a slow pace and this behaviour warrants a sanction. It is an obligation that state workers must be at work" MINFOPRA.

Partial view of the hall

This is one of the reccomendations arrived at during the Minister's working visit to the Northwest region on March 23rd 2021, to access the implementation of the simplification and digitalisation of some administrative procedures in the region.

"Lay down and set up an organization of the public service for a disciplinary board to inspect that state employees report to work on a daily basis. On the instruction of the Head of States, President Paul Biya, the higher counsel will be convened by the Prime Minister Head of government to discuss this concern" The Minister disclosed at the plenary.

Speakers of the Ministerial Team from Yaoundé

The exchanges at the MINEPAT hall in Bamenda revealed that MINFOPRA is going digital, redesigning its web portal and gain maximum prescence on social media for users to have easy access to their files. The Minister says the project is quite an extensive one that demands contributions and full support from staff, Users to serve general Interest.

"Modernizing the system at MINFOPRA is a major challenge, an extensive project where everyone must commit so that it takes its root and serve general Interest. Its an objective to modernize service delivery to enable its users have instant access to administative services." Minister Joseph Le.

"The launch of an approach to use the digital media has made us to make significant progress, state employees working in the Northwest region don't need to travel to Yaounde to cue up in corridors, to find out the progress of his/her file" The Minister.

By implementing the digital method, the treatment of files have become more easier, preventing workers from traveling to solicit services that can be solved on the spot. According to Minister, state employees in the Northwest region should avoid traveling giving the prevailing context.

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Digitalisation in MINFOPRA curbs the extortion of money, giving a free operational number 1522 to keep users informed about their petitions. Information says the Northwest region has a significant number of state workers with a human resource potential that cannot be ignored but most be used to develop the region.

"Civil servants who abandon their jobside for 30days without formal notification should be sanctioned"

City Mayor, Bamenda City Mayor

Achombang Tambeng Paul, City Mayor to the Bamenda City Council says the visit of the Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reforms is largely motivated by the speed of decentralization in recent times.

To him the strides to consolidate the decentralization process in state Administration is effective, with MINFOPRA being the "Pace setter ministry" .

"Ressources are given to structures in the region. Gone are those days civil servants abandon their post for months to go follow files is Yde, this is gradually being buried. Computerization has made it possible to verify position of files by the click of a button." City Mayor Bamenda.

Minister visits Multimedia centre at MINFOPRA NW

The Minister visited the Multimedia centre installed at the Regional Delegation of MINFOPRA to ease the follow up on files.

By Ndefru Mélanie


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