Wilson ELUNG Njume Vows to Use "Police-Population Partnership" in Armed Conflict Situation

New Regional Delegate of National Security NW, takes command

The Incoming Regional Delegate for National Security, NorthWest region, Wilson ELUNG Njume, takes up office at a time when the city of Bamenda and the region at large is plagued by political unrest and at thesame time a huge construction site. He tells press that succeeding in the Northwest region will need a "Police-Population Partnership".

"The police are not magicians, the partnership we have with the population is very important and that is what will make us succeed. Without the population, we cannot succeed, Bamenda will see Peace through the "Police-Population Partnership". Incoming Regional Delegate of National Security.

Wilson E. Njume talks to Press

He was speaking in Bamenda on March 23rd 2021, during his installation to office by the DGSN Boss, Mbarga Nguelle, who outlined to him the challenges that ly ahead during his term of office as Regional Delegate of National Security in the Northwest Region.

Installation rite

Wilson ELUNG Njume accepted the challenge given his new office, taking command in a region that is characterized by activities ochestrated by pro independent fighters, saying he will apply same strategy he used in Kumba to attain Peace in Bamenda and in the region at large.

"I am coming from an area that has same situation, I am coming from Kumba, same measure I took for Peace to return in Kumba, is thesame approach I will use in Bamenda, coming in a bigger capacity as Regional Delegate for National Security for the Northwest Region", Wilson ELUNG Che, New Regional Delegate for National Security, NWR.

Mbarga Nguelle reiterated that it was important for the police corps to work as one to preserve Peace and Order in the Northwest region; wiping out activities of seperatists fighters like; "kidnappings for ransom, burning of institutions, the planting of local explosives in different parts of town".

Urging him to use the personnels of national security to bring the situation to normal, to maintain public order in the local areas of the region, which are known for being hostile and unstable.

Wilson's Boss cautioned him to acquaint himself with the immediate environment, working hand in glove with the population, so that this close collaboration will fight all forms of brutality pepertrated by "terrorists" .

DGSN Boss at Installation Ceremony in Bamenda

According to Mbarga Nguelle, the DGSN Boss, the success in stopping the circulation of arms or local explosives within the seperatists flighters, will depend on the strategies that will be implemented by Wilson ELUNG Njume. His initiative and experience in the discharge of his functions will be an evolution in service.

Incoming and Outgoing Regional Delegate of National Security NW

He was appointed by Presidential Decree early March 2021, as Regional Delegate of National Security of the NorthWest region replacing Gousmo Emile who will be Director of Finances, management and logistics, after serving in the Northwest Region for over 10years, since his appointment in May 2011.

Saluted by his peers

Recieved by his peers in his region, the Head of State's mark of confidence in the New Regional Delegate of National Security for the Northwest region is not "incidental but meritorious."

The event unfolds in strict respect of Covid19 barrier measures as prescribed by government and the City Mayor believes in "the future of the city", because he finds the coming of a new Regional Delegate of National Security as timely.

Wilson ELUNG Njume and Wife

Wilson ELUNG Njume was born on 26th November 1973 in Buea, married and father of 2 kids. He takes up office in the NorthWest Region after obtaining a diploma in Journalism in the University of Buea, went to Police School In 2001, left 2003 being a Commissioner of Police.

2011 to 2014 he worked in Garoua, in the North, as Deputy Commissioner. 2014 to 2021 he worked in Kumba as Central Police Commissioner. Due to his professional experience in crime investigation, he was appointed to work in the the NorthWest as Regional Delegate of National Security.

By Ndefru Mélanie


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