Covid19: NW Frontline Health Workers Targeted at Vaccine's 1st Phase

A shipment of more than 11,400 Covid-19 vaccines have arrived Northwest Region on April 14th 2021, with the aim of targeting Frontline Health Workers, to boost their moral while managing Covid19 patients within different health districts.
"Priority is given to health personels; considering their vulnerability when administering the vaccine. We continue to encourage health personels to keep barrier measures reccomended by WHO".

Apart from Frontline Health workers, People more or less 50years old, patients who are diabetic and hypertensive, those exposed; professional categories like teachers, Security officers are also prioritized during this first phase of the Vaccine.

The consignment was officially received in the NorthWest Region  by the representative of NW Governor, Viang Mekala who is Secretary General at the Governor's office and handed to the North West Regional Public Health Delegate, Dr Che Nsoh Kingsley.

This gesture, identified as a sign of acceptance watered down all negative reactions directed towards the coming of the new vaccine. Dr. Kingsley Che Nsoh urged all medical personels to mobilize themselves to recieve the vaccine and above all keep barrier measures.

The first dose of the Covid19 Vaccine was administered at 11am same day and the recipient being Viang Mekala, Secetary to the Governor's office, closely followed by Dr, Kingsley Che Nsoh Regional Delegate of Public Health, who recieved his few minutes later.
These vaccines are destined for over 23 health districts, in the Northwest region and the Regional Delegate for Public Health says the dispatch will be done to other divisions so that other health workers can access the vaccine.  

The Regional Delegate told press that though research is still ongoing on vaccines, the coming of the Covid19 Vaccine; Sinopharm is a step towards combatting the disease, in other words, curb the spread of the virus.
"Its the right vaccine for us and we are happy to have the vaccine in the NorthWest. We are looking forward to vaccinate over 5000 people and this will be during the next couple of weeks, for the selected 23 health facilities that will be giving out this vaccine".

During the Launch of the Vaccination campaign, it was revealed that there is insufficient Covid19 test kits available for the masses and the Regional Hospital, Bamenda reserves what is available to test  only those who report to the centre sick.
A cummulative data presented by the Dr. Kingsley Che Nsoh reports that there are Over 4580 positive cases, 3774 recoveries, 633 active cases, 173 deaths. 435 Health personels infected, 5 dead, 41 infected pregnant women and 2dead.
It is the increase of infected cases and deaths that hastened the steps of government to reinforce the strict respect of barrier measures. Viang Mekala asked that everyone should refrain from adhering to the negative signals on social media, referring to the Covid19 vaccine.

" I am happy and ok after recieving the first dose of the vaccine. I thank the Head of State, President Paul Biya for all actions taken to improve on the health of the population as against the Covid19 pandemic. I call on all to continue respecting barrier measures, despite the launch of the vaccine. They should refrain from the negative messages against the vaccine on social media, because the vaccine has been approved by a team of experts." Viang Mekala, Secetary at the Governor's Office.

By Ndefru Melanie

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