MINJEC Predicts Poultry Project to Reintegrate Ex-fighters

It was disclosed during a Working Session between the Secretary General of MINJEC and the Personnel of MINJEC North West, that the Ministry of Youth affairs and Civic Education is focused on the Poultry Project for the full and active involvement of its personnel in the process of reintegrating ex-fighters.

"The project seeks for a social transformation of both the society and the ex-fighters; preparing the society to accept and welcome the ex-fighters and 
prepare the ex-fighters for reintegration into the society".

This Meeting held on April 8th, 2021 at Upstation Bamenda in the Presence of the NW MINJEC Delegate, the SG of MINJEC, accompanied by the Mr Elangwe;assistant Inspector of Methods and Programmes, youth representatives, partner services and structures of the Ministry in the NWR. 

Regional Delegate MINJEC NW

Nimpa Bonaventure, Regional Delegate of MINJEC North West, introduced issues concerning his service, some of which are connected and linked to the DDR Centre Northwest Region.

Not just the Management of the TYSYP funds were discussed, but also the Global Methodology of Intervention with regards to the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Process of Ex-Fighters in the Far North, North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.

View of the Hall

One of the focus on presentations and exchanges was on Municipal Youth Councillors being put in place. This concept seek to promote the voluntary and citizenship, participation of young people in local development issues of their areas.

The SG emphasized that it seeks to groom young leaders with a positive mindset towards development initiatives of their communities.

Its should be noted that the rojected was handed over to the DDR Centre last November 2020, to train fighters who willingly drop their weapons and join the centre. Observations made show that the Poultry house at the Centre is at most times closed and functional only "from time to time".

Adding that the accompanying documents with respect to the different initiatives are already in course and available to all to exploit in the process. Further details concerning each initiative will be given by the Regional Delegate of MINJEC NW.

By Ndefru Mélanie


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