Covid 19: Tubah Mayor Tells Population to Shun Fear in Getting Tested

Medical Team carrying of Free Covid19 Testing

Many people living during the era of the health pandemic Covid-19 have a phobia going for a Covid-19 test on the pretext that it hurts according to stories told by those who've done so. On a Covid-19 Sensitization your by Mayor Tanjong of Tubah Council, he said prevention is better than cure and advice people to know their status.

Mayor Tanjong Martin, Tubah Council

"They test is irritating to the nostrils but not painful. It is better for it irritate you than for you to contract and live with the virus. I wish to encourage everyone to get tested as a way to safe their lives and those of their families". Tubah Mayor, Tanjong Martin.

He was speaking in Bambili on April 7th 2021, after his Sensitization Tour on Covid-19, sharing out anti Covid kits and advicing the local population to keep preventive measures put in place by the government and the World Health Organization ( W.H.O).

Tubah Council Team on the field

The Mayor and his team visited the market, together with a medical team to encourage voluntary testing, to keep the health of the people in check and urging hem to know their status, join efforts to curb the spread of the virus.

Sensitization on Covid-19 continues (Tubah Council)

Its should be recalled that Tubah Council had carried out a Sensitization campaign through all its villages, during the first phase of Covid19, after it's outbreak; sharing wash hand buckets and sanitizers to schools, councils and markets.

The coming of the second phase of Covid-19 has recorded a great increase in the number of infected cases and deaths. Many now put on their Facemasks only when they reach a Security check post, when there is dust or cold and only when they are told to do so.

Sensitization on a daily basis must be heightened, as records from the Regional Delegate of Public Health, Kingsley Che Nsoh continue to describe the situation as a call for concern: 602 positive cases recorded in the region as on the 7th to the 13th of March 2021, 354 recoveries and 14 deaths, with over 1613 on treatment, 93 are presently in Tubah. 

By Ndefru Mélanie

Pictures and Quote: The Observer237


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