Regional Executive Président Opts For Bottom-Top Approach in Budget Programming

Prof. Fru Angwafor Forbuzsi

ThePresident of the Northwest Regional Bureau Executive Professor Fru Angwafor Forbuzsi has recommended a bottom-top approach, taking into account local realities in drawing a plan/program for the implementation of development activities in the NorthWest region.

"The top down approach need to stop, we need to listen to the Fons. They are at the base and close to the people. We should listen to the actors, we should begin to find ways that will make those In the bushes drop their guns and join the oath of Peace". Professor Fru Angwafor Forbuzsi.

Partial View of the Hall

This observation was made during a 2 day Seminar in Bamenda on April 6th-7th 2021, to draw up an action plan that will attract ressources from the budget that was voted by the National Assembly to push forth with the development of the NorthWest Region.

His preoccupation is to manage the socio-economic situation of the region, without which, plans put place to develop and meet the aspirations of the local population may not work. According to Professor Fru Angwafor, it is important for the Regional Assembly to function on local taxes while waiting on support from other bigger structures.

Members of the Regional Assembly

Since the installation of members of the Regional House on January 27th 2021, the local population have high expectations from the fruits that will yield from this new bureau, as per the special status given by the Head of State, President Paul Biya.

In the Opening speech of the NW Governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique, he urged members of the Regional Council to put forth dynamics that will take the Region to another level, away from the ongoing armed conflict and the health Crisis, Covid-19.

The President of the Regional Executive, Prof Fru Angwafor Forbuzsi and his team have sailed through the Region and according to his observation," the program is not very visible and relevant to the community". To him, "Peace building should be a part of the Program of the Regional House".

"The question is not whether we get out of the National strategic plan , but there are some specificities that require the Regional intervention" Président of the Regional Executive NW.

A good planning strategy should be adaptable and flexible, reflect realities on the ground. Taking into consideration the grassroot population. Keeping in mind, the coherence between the programs and the ressources available to execute them.

"We are not in the central service but we are on the field to give account to the population. The plan should be for 5years and after the plan will be evaluated thereafter"

The Regional House of Assembly need to recruit staff and begin implementing a visible and flexible program, the regional strategy needs to be constructed, because at the level of the councils, all of them have strategic plans.

Different sources of Ressources will enable the Regional House draw it's plan of action for each year. One of the presentation discussed the structuring of the Budget through the Regional programs, where the initiatives of the region are taken into account.

The technical team that came with the Inter-Ministerial Delegation from Yaoundé explained what was required as a plan of action and Budget through presentations; defining indicators and targets.

Local planning tools recommended were: Regional Development plan, Council Development plan; approaching the people and do census to get their exact needs according to scale of preference in order to their expectations.

By Ndefru Mélanie


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