Bamenda Regional Hospital Recieves Heavy-Duty Generator

Responding to one of the emmergency needs of the Bamenda Regional Hospital Bamenda, the City Council offers a 200KVA Generator to ameliorate the situation of no lights and low voltage experienced in recent times by the population in Bamenda.

Equipment offered by the Bamenda City Council

This donation on April 2nd 2021 by the City Mayor, Achobong Tambeng Paul who is also Chairman of the Hospital's Management Board Committee, rescues the hospital from its lone supply which used to work between 7-15hrs.

City Mayor, Bamenda

The Mayor believes this equipment is most needed at the hospital to attend to patients and save lives, given the epileptic electricity supply the city, a situation that has been observed for quite sometime.
According to Mayor Paul Achobong, the demand is constructive and the response proofs that the concerns of the population is prioritize by the City Council. He congratulated management for their level of professionalism in caring for their patients and maintaining a level of sanitation in its environment.

The Health crisis demands some level of hygienic response and in this light, Facemasks and hand sanitizers were shared out to encourage management and staff to continue the process of Sensitization, alerting the public about Covid19 preventive measures.

Director of Bamenda Regional Hospital

Dr Nsame Denis Nforniwe was grateful about the immediate response from the Management Board Chairman, who is also the City's Mayor for intervening at a time when different units in hospital couldn't function given Power interuptions.

Units such as the haemodialysis, imaging center and the laboratory couldnt function properly due to low voltage and the City Mayor told management that "anytime electricity misbehaves, the Generator will behave".

".. We have ENEO certainly but because of the low voltage, most machines cannot work right down to our photocopy machines. So you find out that services like the imaging center, haemodialysis center and the Laboratory cannot run if the voltage is not up to capacity. In the past, we have had machines in the dialysis broken down because of low voltage. We have been living in fear with just this one generator because if it breaks and has to go on repairs then we might loose some patients. We are most grateful today for this reception. We sincerely thank the management board who thought it wise that our plea was worth the salt and channeled it to the right quarters. Once one works in the night, the other will work during the day. " The Director.

Management and Staff of B.R.H

He also said on behalf of his team, they will do all in their powers to put to use judiciously the equipment.

Mezam SDO

Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh says the City Mayor is Visionary and that his collaboration with the population will produce great strides for the Northwest Region. He called on the beneficiary, the Regional Hospital Bamenda to use their skillfulness and professionalism in handling the equipment.


Commending the efforts of the City council in helping to contain the spread of COVID-19, by providing some kits, he called on the health personnel to sensitize the population on the need to respect all barrier measures for a COVID-FREE Bamenda in particular and the Northwest Region in general.

Aside the SDO for Mezam and Bamenda City Mayor, present was the D.O for Bamenda II Subdivision, Mayor for Bamenda II and Hospital Administrative Staff.

By Ndefru Mélanie

Pics and Quotes: Bamenda Regional Hospital site.


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