RIAD MEZI, MTN CAMEROON's Chief Marketing Officer Reveals MTN'S Return as Official Sponsor at National Level

1. The season has just been launched in Mbouda and we have been able to observe the effective return of MTNC. Why is MTN returning to Football?

MTN is the most admired brand among Africans. This admiration is justified not only by the quality of the products and services we offer them, but also and above all by our genuine commitment to supporting the passions of our subscribers, in all the markets where we operate.
As part of our strategic programme that we call Ambition 2025, we position ourselves as an incubator, a facilitator of the progress of Africa and Africans. This is what justifies our intervention in all areas that are levers of development and sport is one of them.
In Cameroon, much more than a passion, Football is a true religion. It is therefore natural that we join the entire ecosystem of national football to actively participate in living our common passion and contribute to giving back to Cameroonian football all its greatness.

Our return was marked by our active participation in the Final of the Cup of Cameroon last Sunday, March 13 at the Ahmadou Ahidjo stadium in Yaoundé. On this occasion, we gave awards to the two teams in competition and the man of the match. We also helped to raise the prestige of the event by supporting its media coverage.

2.What is the content of your accompaniment?
Our participation is not limited to a financial contribution. We really want to support FECAFOOT's ambition to make the Cameroonian championship renamed MTN ELITE, the most attractive championship in Africa. In close collaboration with FECAFOOT, our contribution will therefore focus on the following aspects:
•Sports equipment so that players and their technical staff are dressed appropriately both during official matches and during training
•Rewards so that the footballer participating in the local championship can live from his passion while better joining the two ends

•Celebrations so that every Cameroonian feels the real need to come to the stadium to live a unique experience for themselves and for their family
•Technology to make access to stadiums and ticket payments easier and its revenues better controlled thanks to our extensive network of points of sale and our payment platform via MTN MoMo.

3. What would you say in conclusion to your subscribers?

We want to reassure every Cameroonian that we will continue to work every day to make their lives easier, more enjoyable. We want to celebrate with you your passions and put at your disposal all the means so that you continue serenely your march towards progress. At MTN, every effort counts, the slightest daily step will help to give Cameroonian Football all its greatness.

4. Will the party be beautiful with the MTN Elite I & II championships?
The only question that arises now is whether MTN Elite 1 and 2 will enjoy the enthusiasm of the Cameroonian public and media, because the success of the Championship will not be possible without all Cameroonians.


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