WUM COUNCIL: 2021 Administrative and Management Account Adopted amidst Heated Debates

The ordinary session to examine, scrutinize, vote and adopt the 2021 accounts of Wum Council has taken place at the Wum Council Hall.

Chaired by the Wum Council Mayor, Councilor Dighambong Anthony Mvo, under the watchful eyes of the Chief of Service for General Affaires at the Menchum Divisional Office, Mr. Kpwa Sylvester Kam.

Efforts of the Councillors and the Chief of Service for General Affaires at the Menchum Divisional Office, was appreciated by Councilor Dighambong Anthony Mvo, who believed that after voting the 2021 Budget and handing over to the council executive to execute it, it was but normal for all to come back in a session like this, to evaluate and score themselves for the future. 

A rare opportunity to mirror their actions in order to improve on the living conditions of the population of the municipality.

Recruitment of 250 youths in the Municipality for manual maintenance of inter village roads that were long abandoned. They were recruited for a period of 2 months.

The Administrative and Management Accounts of Wum Council adopted by the councillors, amounted to 646, 319, 820 FCFA (Six hundred and forty-six million, three hundred and nineteen thousand, eight hundred and twenty) as against a budgeted amount of 950,050,000FCFA, giving a realization rate of 68.03% in relative terms.

The total amount received for investment was 226,919,460 FCFA against a budgeted amount of 480,100,000 FCFA giving an achievement level of 47.27%. The total recurrent revenue, (account heads 7.1 to 7.7) otherwise known as functional revenue, that is, income meant for running council activities was 200,985,314 FCFA as against 469,950,000 FCFA budgeted giving an achievement level of 42.77%.

As concerns expenditure, the total committed expenditure was 421,906,720FCFA out of the budgeted amount of 950,050,000 FCFA; giving a percentage of 44.41%, leaving a balance of 224,413,100 FCFA out of the total actual revenue of 646, 319,820 FCFA to be carried forward to 2022 financial year.

Mounting the rostrum, the Chief of Service for General Affaires at the Menchum Divisional Office, Mr. Kpwa Sylvester Kam, called on councillors to be ambassadors of Peace and development in their respective constituencies. He asked them to transform every stumbling block into a stepping stone, in order to build a befitting Wum Municipality. This can only be possible if they all work for the interest of the council.

The Administrative Authority also saluted the combined efforts of the Wum Council Executive and the councillors in curbing the spread of the COVID-19 in the municipality by sensitizing the masses to sanitize.

Communication Unit; Wum Council 

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