NW Labour Delegate Envisage Hygiene and Safety Committees for Every Workplace

Covid 19 prevalence Rate in the NW

One of the ways in which 2021 Labour Day will be Celebrated, will be to have Barrier measures reinforced at every level within the workplace, one of the major objectives that had the NW Delegate for Labour and Social Security, Pamela Bari Yosimbom invite Stakeholders to a Round Table Conference.

NW Labour and Social Security Delegate

"It is important that over 80% of companies should have a Hygiene and Safety Committee no matter how small the institution may be, that members be trained to ensure compliance with the official program validated by the National Commission for occupational health and safety" NW Labour Delegate.

Key Stakeholders at Round Table Discursion

Key Stakeholders within Bamenda sat for a Round Table Discursion at the Regional Delegation of Labour and Social Security, to discuss the new concerns raised on the issue of Covid 19, a major reason why this year's May Day Celebration has been cancelled to curb the spread of the virus.

This year's 135th Edition of International labour day celebrations is observed under the theme; "The World of Work and the Covid-19 pandemic: Security Worker's health, a great Challenge in the preservation of achievements within companies.

A day dedicated to workers and labourers across the world, that encourages them to be aware of their rights, awarding May Day honours to recognize the hard work of people across the world, celebrating achievements, will not have the usual "grandeur" way of Celebration In 2021, given the health crisis Covid19.

It is in thesame vain that the Northwest labour Delegate, Pamela Bari Yosimbom invited stakeholders to a Round table discursion in order to better understand how workers in different sectors managed Covid19, within the workplace and in their immediate environment.


Participants raised their concerns and challenges faced at a personal levels, within their workplace and some of them mentioned that the level of negligence is still very high coupled with the denial syndrome, given the arrival of the vaccine.

"The level of negligence at our workplaces is very high, especially amongst workers themselves, even in the course of recieving the local population. Transmission of the virus is high because there are alot of things we don't pay attention to, keeping barrier measures when attending to someone, is at most times difficult to pay attention to one's every move" a participant revealed.

The main objective of the meeting is to have hygiene and safety units exist within each structure, so as to check the respect of barrier measures in order to curb the spread of the virus, given that the toll on death rate is still very high.

Civil servants, workers in different millieu and frontline health workers die on a daily basis, a major concern that warrants the reinforcement of barrier measures at all levels in order to have a healthy workspace and work place.

By Ndefru Mélanie


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