Journalists Engage in The Northwest EPI Program

For a long time now, a vaccination campaign against polio has not been organized, though information says Cameroon has been declared polio free. Yet there are still many aspects that justify this campaign as many other countries are in an epidemic, and we have this flux of fluctuation of population and people are interchanging within socio-economical exchange.

In order to emphasize on the need for parents to vaccinate their children, journalists have taken part in the Northwest EPI Program (Expanded Program on Immunization), which is a World Health Organization Program with the goal aim to make Vaccines available to all children.

Importing the vaccine in our country though the status is polio-free, vaccinating children is very essential to strengthening the immune systems of children. Note should be taken that, with the advent of the ongoing crisis, people have moved in and out of the region and others are in areas where they can't easily access health centers.

A routine vaccination will ensure this but with a mass campaign that would broaden the target to 5 years, it would be a good strategy to keep that status of a polio - free country.

Polio vaccine would be given to children but alongside would be given vitamin A to children aged 6 months to 59 months. Giving mibendazole to deworm children between 12 months to 59 months.

Given the context of the crisis, the population that have been displaced, parents delivering children might not have in mind that they have to go and get the birth certificate of these children. Community mobilisers would go round to target these children of 3 months and direct them to the services that would deliver birth certificates to these children.

Activities on other Vaccination campaigns have gradually being haulted to concerntrate on Covid19 and sensitizing people on the need to get Vaccinated. The denial syndrome is quite high and the death toll keeps rising.

Raising awareness is most effective with the use of the media and that is why the Northwest EPI Program has engaged Journalists from different platforms: Radio, Print, Tv and Online, involving them in the Sensitization excercise.

By Ndefru Mélanie


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