Disclaimer: With Reference to an Article done on May 1st 2021; On Wrong Use of Name

The Promoter of civiclens.blogspot.com, Ndefru Melanie and her correspondents wish to apologize for the error made by using a wrong name.

Instead of using the name of the Divisional Delegate for Environment in Vina Subdivision- Ngaoundéré, Singdie bouba MARUIS, the name of a Divisional Delegate in Donga Mantung was used in the article dated May 1st 2021.

We are sorry for the Inconvenience the article may have caused the concerned. Our editing lens did not notice the wrong use of name and our team is working hard to ensure that this kind of mistake doesn't happen again.

By Ndefru Melanie

CivicLens delivers the news as it is and provides solutions for common workflows, engage citizens in up to date Information, while maintaining a secure system of record for assets and activities, improving service delivery, and increasing citizen satisfaction.

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