Moslem Community at Old Town-Bamenda Appreciates Felix Mbayu

Partial view of the Moslem Community, Old town

Recognized as a great Elite of the Moslem Community at Old town Bamenda, Moslems have showered praises on Minister Felix Mbayu who always remembers them in time of fasting by sending gifts to encourage and boost their moral while they go through their Fasting period.

Minister Felix Mbayu

The Minister of External Relations Incharge of Commonwealth, Mbayu Felix, is seen by the Moslem Community as the son of the soil and an Elite in the Old Town neighborhood

The items will strengthen them not to fall prey to temptation. Gifts which included cartoons of dates sweet and cartoons of sugar, were recieved by Moslems during their fast period, the Ramadan.

Symbolic handing of Items

The Elite offered the items to support them during their fast, so that the fast period records a success; encouraging them to pray so that Peace and tranquility can return to the NorthWest region.

The Minister has stood by the people of Old Town and he continues to urge the population of Old Town to be peaceful as it has been the case for the past 4years.

"The gesture shows love through the things he is offering, giving us support during this time we fast, so that we can pray for Peace, good health, prosperity. Of he did not have old town at heart, we wouldn't have had these things".

A representative of the Community revealed some of the things the Minister is and had done for the community, wishing him good health so that more will come.

"It is not the first time, about 3 weeks ago he sent a grinding millfor the Moslem Community, he contributed in building most mosques here at Old town. We are grateful."

"The gift is an Energizer to push through with the fast, to add more strength to overcome temptation and maintain peace in the Moslem community."

Partial view of Community

A representative of the Sarki told press that though the donation delayed a little, he is confident that the Minister always thinks of them.

"We thank Minister Felix Mbayu for always thinking of us. He is a great Elite here at Old town and we should pray for him to go higher heights".

The donation also, equally shows the Minister's gratitude for the gesture that strengthens Moslems in their believe.

By Ndefru Mélanie

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